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DOTA 2 Season #10

DOTA 2 season 10 registration is now open!

Enter your team at Toornament.

You can find more information on our wiki:

"Thanks to the Kanaliiga organizers. Really pro-meining with everything. Stream, spikkaus etc. Big thumbs up!"



Forming a Dota 2 team from a single organization can be challenging.
That's why we accept mixed teams in tournaments. A combined team can be formed from two different organizations.
Come to our Discord #dota_2 channel to inquire about teams looking for a reunion!

The tournament format is 5 vs 5 Captains mode. The group stage games are Bo2 and the playoffs Bo3

Every day, millions of players around the world enter the battlefield for a 5v5 team battle as one of over a hundred Dota heroes. Dota is the most in-depth real-time strategy action multiplayer game ever made, and there are always new strategies and tactics to discover. It's free to play now and always - start defending the ancient fortress now.


We broadcast DOTA 2 matches live on Twitch KanaliigaTV or KanaliigaTV2 or KanaliigaTV3 channels.

Rules and instructions

Also remember to check our wiki, where we try to collect all current material about our tournaments and events.

Current events


Kanaliga Dota 2 - Season #7

Date: February 21 (Monday) 00:00 - May 31 (Tuesday) 23:59
Location: Toornament

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