Introducing the chicken league

Business series in various sports have been organized for a long time, but PC or console gaming has not been among these sports. Kanaliiga's operations started in the fall of 2018, so that players in working life could play a little more competitively with their coworkers. The first tournament was organized in the game PlayerUnknown's BATTLEGROUNDS, and now e.g. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Rocket League and Dota 2. Games are organized every month and the Kanaliiga already has hundreds of teams and thousands of players. Kanaliiga works with volunteers and the steadily expanded activities are developed according to the feedback of the community and partners.

Gaming acts as a unifying factor within companies, which helps to create team spirit and create new networks within large companies. All company teams can participate in the Kanaliiga, and companies from many different industries have participated. The players who have participated in the tournaments have been experienced players as well as fresh talents - so you don't have to be a professional player to participate. Between the longer season-shaped games there are different types of shorter tournaments.

With the feedback we received from the players, companies have experienced athletics as a very positive and unifying thing. Today, sports reach people in their 20s and 30s very effectively.

How can you get involved?

  • To play in tournaments: see additional game-specific information on the game pages, form a team and join the community
  • To support the activity: contact or Discord.

The job in a nutshell

Lots of different games

Kanaliiga has organized tournaments in many different games. Among others PUBG, CS, Dota 2, Rocket League, RS6, OW and NHL.

Different sets for players of different levels

Even games guarantee enjoyment and that is why the Kanaliiga aims to create series levels. For example, CS:GO already has more than five series levels

Lots of players and teams

Hundreds of teams and thousands of players already play in Kanaliiga

A constantly evolving concept

We listen to our players and develop our operations as best we can. We also do software development. After all, we are players and we want the best too!

Heikki Ristaniemi <br>Mr. 47
Heikki Ristaniemi
Mr. 47

discord: Herra47#2655

Sampsa Suoninen <br>lrdgrmrpr
Sampsa Suoninen
Softat, Vice President

twitter: @sampsasuoninen
discord: lrdgrmrpr#9223

Jari Haikonen <br>enzo
Jari Haikonen
CS:GO main organizer

discord: enzoj#5965

Santeri Lehtonen <br>sntr
Santeri Lehtonen
PUBG main organizer

discord: sntr#6689

Toni Kivelä <br>Havuton
Toni Kivelä

discord: thornless#0663

Henri Ilvonen <br>HeKsy
Henri Ilvonen

discord: HeKsy#7003

Kami Nasri <br>Snufkin D
Kami Nasri
Snufkin D
Similar to other games

discord: Snufkin#1850

Laura Kyntäjä<br> lapa
Laura Kyntäjä
Alternate member

twitter: @lapanaator
discord: blade#3612

Mika Schroderus <br>Xynte
Mika Schroderus
Alternate member

discord: Xynte#6226

Is that you?

Are you perhaps interested in organizing events or tournaments? Maybe your fingers code in their sleep too? Maybe something else?!

We offer something to do for those who lack something to do. Come to our discord to talk!

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