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Registration for Kanaliiga's first CS2 tournament is open until 31 October 2023 at 23:59. Gather your colleagues and join the corporate league of e-sports.

Registration instructions can be found on our wiki:

Sign up through this service!


Our CS tournaments are the most popular tournaments in Kanaliiga.

Game bookings take place with Kanaliiga's own application, which provides both parties with information on the booked game booking, and thus casters can also book a match to be streamed.


Kanaliiga has several commentators! It is therefore likely that your matches will end with commentary on the audience's screen at some point.

If you or your colleague also have the desire to explain the games, there is certainly room in the group! We also guide you on how to get started, and comprehensive streaming instructions can be found on our wiki. Narrating is more fun alone, so take a friend with you or join a more experienced narrator!

Ask for more information on our Discord.


We also provide a highly praised statistics service for CS games played in Kanaliiga. Our statistics are possibly even the most comprehensive that has been seen in the Finnish CS scene.

Rules & instructions

Don't forget to check our wiki, where we try to gather all current material about our tournaments and events.

Tournament calendar

Kanaliiga CS 2 Test season

Current events


Kanaliiga CS2 test tournament w/ Esportal

Date: November 3 (Friday) 18:41 - October 23 (Monday) 16:41

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