Rocket League


8/2023 - 12/2023

Rocket League Season 13 starts again! Registration opens when the summer holidays are over. Last season there were 25 teams! Gather your colleagues and join the corporate league of e-sports.

Registration instructions can be found on our wiki:

Sign up your team here:


Rocket League, which has achieved constant popularity in Kanaliiga, has been played in Kanaliiga for a long time. The large number of participants has also made it possible to create league levels, so that the teams can have as smooth and meaningful a game experience as possible.

The standard 3vs3 game format is played. In addition to three players, you can enter two reserve players in the team.

The Rocket League and Kanaliiga tournament is multi-platform. Players can participate on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One or even Nintendo Switch!


Kanaliiga has several commentators! It is therefore likely that your matches will end with commentary on the audience's screen at some point.

If you or your colleague also have the desire to explain the games, there is certainly room in the group! We also guide you on how to get started, and comprehensive streaming instructions can be found on our wiki. Narrating is more fun alone, so take a friend with you or join a more experienced narrator!

Rules and instructions

Also remember to check our wiki, where we try to collect all current material about our tournaments and events.

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