Solitan's Scarab is coming to Kanaliiga's rocket fields

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Kanaliiga's soon-to-be-started 13th season of Rocket League (registration is open until August 31 - see additional information https://kanaliiga.fi/rl/) has a new acquaintance: SCARAB, or Solita's Communal Automagic Replay Analysis Bot! The purpose of the bot found in Kanaliiga's Discord is to make the work of captains and tournament organizers easier by automating the processing of replay files of played matches. In the coming season, the processing of replay files will happen in a nutshell like this:

  1. After the match, the captain looks for the replay files he saved on his computer
  2. The captain makes a post with the match information on the Discord channel to which the replay files of the match are attached
  3. SCARAB reads the message and sends replays to the statistics service Ballchasing.com. SCARAB also instructs captains in the most common error situations, if, for example, the content of the message is wrong.
  4. The captain gets a link to the match statistics and the replay files are available for everyone to see in Ballchasing, neatly divided by level series by match.

Captains will be informed in more detail about the use of the bot.

SCARAB has been implemented as a training project of the Solitan Dev Academy program in cooperation with Kanaliiga. The Dev Academy serves as an intensive introduction to Solitalian ways of software development and is a permanent workplace from the beginning. Solita's various academy programs offer an excellent opportunity to find, for example, that first job in the IT field Whether you are a student or a career changer and whether your interest is in software development, data solutions or cloud services. You can find more information about the academy at https://www.solita. fi/join-us/solita-talent-academy/, where later you will also find information about the next Dev Academy. If, on the other hand, you have gained more experience, check out Solita's other job opportunities at https://www. solita.fi/join-us/.


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