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Registration for the tenth PUBG season of the Kana League opens on January 2, 2023 at 12 noon in the KanaStats service.



Welcome to the PUBG DISCORD channel here!

Welcome to the KANALIGA DISCORD channel here!


PUBG tournaments have been played in Kanaliiga since its inception and the tournaments have remained very popular.

Tournaments are played in PUBG in two formats: Squad and Duo. Between Squad seasons, it has been customary to play a shorter Duo format tournament. In addition to these, we occasionally organize Mayhems played by mixed teams, as well as scrims for squad seasons that provide training for teams.

Loses sting and victories taste sweet, both at work and in Kanaliiga's own PUBG Discord. Working together is rewarded and the atmosphere is certainly on offer on the battlefields! Come to Kanaliiga's PUBG Discord to chat, or just wait for the upcoming tournaments.


We broadcast all PUBG matches live on Twitch KanaliigaTV or  From KanaliigaTV2's channels. Matches usually start at 20:00 on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. More detailed schedules can be found in Kanaliiga's Wiki.

Kanaliiga open Weekly

Kanaliiga organized 20 game days open to all Finnish teams during spring 2022. The Opens are now on hiatus for the time being, we'll come back to it later!

Tournament platform

We use the Kanastats tournament platform for our PUBG tournaments.

See tournament statistics and registrations for upcoming tournaments at

Rules & Scoring

The rules, settings and scoring of the tournaments can be found in the Kanaliiga Wiki. So from here.

Current events


Kanaliiga PUBG Duo 2/2022 by Eficode

Date: May 30 (Monday) 11:26 - June 16 (Thursday) 11:26

Location: Kanastats URL:

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