Solita Eino wins again in Kanaliiga's Rocket League

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Solita's winning team

Solita Eino won the great Masters series again with the same lineup as in season 10. Kami "Snufkin D" Nasri, Timo "Dutch" Mäntyvaara and Antti "Korppis" Kärkkäinen played in the winning team this season as well. Snufkin D reveals the secret of the team's victories: "We have fairly well-matched playing styles and ideas about the flow of the game. We also play a pretty unselfish game. And of course, we have fun and we take it easy."

According to the team, Solita Eino's season was at the beginning a traditional mix-up and getting used to it, but once the momentum got going, nothing could stop the team. Namely, after the middle of the season, the team did not lose a match in the regular season. How it's possible was apparently related to a secret trick that the team doesn't want to talk about and opponents can only guess.

The best moment of the up-and-coming season for the team was of course the final victory, but there was also another one: "It's always a nice moment when those early season difficulties fall away and the game starts to flow." The team didn't bring up any single memorable mistake, but their philosophy is to learn from mistakes without getting stuck in them.

Now the team is going on vacation and after the vacations, we will see what kind of composition Solita's winning team will have for the next season. Of course, the hope would be to continue with the same lineup, but let's wait with excitement to see if there will be player changes. If the team stays the same, the goal is to renew the championship again.

Solita has three teams in Kanaliiga on the Rocket League side, and no wonder, because Solita has a very active community. Every weekday at Solita, the company's internal community games, or 'lunch rackets', are played twice a day, in which anyone can participate. Sometimes Solita's internal tournaments have also been organized with varying formats. And there is a dedicated channel for Rocket in Slack, and every big office has a player with Rocket installed. So great community support from the company!

When the company has a lot of people who like to play and the company supports the hobby in this way, it's easy to get a group together for Kanaliiga: "Kanaliiga is a different and exciting thing, so you can reasonably easily attract even rarer faces. And participating in the Kanaliiga is already quite a long tradition at Solita, we've been participating since the first tournament."


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