On the CS side, the Playoffs are coming to an end, and some of the finalists are already clear from a few league levels.

Last season's Masters champion Certego lost to The Switch in the WB finals, so the first place in the finals went to The Switch team, which is playing its first Kanaliiga season. Certego is looking for momentum from LB's side and is fighting for yet another place in the live finals with Vilpe Flow.

On the Challengers side, SAKA defeated INSTA eSports, Securitas and HiQ-CS all 2-0, as a result of which SAKA advances to the finals against Futurice.

2. In Divar, Nondest made it to the finals with an almost clean 2-0 streak and will face the Pohjola Puoliosujat team, which fell to LB's side in the first round, and took care of Finnair 2-0 in the last round.

The Masters - 2nd div finals of the CS:GO levels will take place on 10.12. live at Arkade Bar. Cheers to cheering your favorite team to victory!

See the finalists of other league levels Toornament under the Matches menu.

The chicken fight is in full swing and there are only two games left, the LB final and the final. The featherweights have already cleared their way to the finals and will face either the Kananuggets or the Broilers from the LB side.

Kanaliiga and Autoladder have cooperated throughout the CS:GO Playoffs, and as a result, there is a compilation video of each week of the Playoffs compiled with the help of Autoladder. You can find the videos on Kanaliiga's Youtube playlist.


The PUBG season has ended

The champion was Securitas SEC OPS for the second season in a row. This year, though, the victory came in show style with a 62-point difference over the next team, SSAB. There was a tight battle for places 3-5 until the last, and in the end, Elisa Aboriginals took third place. With CGI and Bloy missing out on the medals.

Challengers was the only group where the excitement about the winner remained until the last. Before the last day of play, the top three teams were within ten points of each other. And before the last game, Aspocomp led Frendy by only three points. However, the excitement ended in a short time when Frendy's team rotated directly into the arms of their fellow team Frendy Musacorner and Aspocomp sealed the victory of the series by winning the last map. The third place in the Challengers was taken by Enfo with only two points difference to Capgemini.

2. there was no doubt about the winner of the division as Vannetukku beat the runner-up Pinja with a clear difference of 90 points. The difference in points instead of third was also large, with Ramirent remaining 58 points behind Pinja.

3. the division was overwhelmingly won by Rovio, at the same time breaking Isowel's record of 10 chickens. In the end, the difference in points to SOK, who came in second, was 106 points. Lounea took a fierce final race and thanks to her race reached third place.

Next week, the All-Stars matches will be held on the PUBG side. You can watch the matches and skill competitions on Tuesday 29.11. from 18:30 KanaliigaTV.

Rocket League

There are only finals left in Rocket League. On the Masters side, the regular season winner HiQ RL and regular season third place Murata Kowayo, who defeated Reaktor Aaltospurt in the semi-finals, will meet in the finals to fight for third place against Ambienta Powershot.

In the finals of Challengers, the fourth Telia Rule One of the regular season, who surprised the regular season number one Arkta's Repoflick 3-1 in the semifinals, and the second in the regular season Printcom Rakettirymhp, will play against each other.

2. the division's bronze medal match has already taken place and third place was taken by Solita Nakkivene with her 4-0 crushing victory over Ramirent. In the final, Eficode RC and Don & Branco, who were the clear two best of the regular season, will meet. Exciting games coming.

The finals will take place today from 15:15 KanaliigaTV.


We are also in the finals in Dota. Fastems and Reaktor, familiar finalists from last season, will meet in the final, and Reaktor gained momentum through LB, beating Elisa and thus going to the final. Dota Finals Live On KanaliigaTV on Monday 28.11. at 9 p.m. Will Fastems grab another championship in a row, or will Reaktor screw up?

League of legends

LoL is one game away from the finals. All that's left is the meeting between FFinnair and Ceil's silvers. The last match can still change the situation, as FFinnair is in 5th place, one point away from the Playoff place. Advania, Kauppurimate5 and Ceilin Silver are already sure to go to the Playoffs.


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