The season is already over, what about our games?!


CS is in its third week of playoffs.

As the playoffs progress, there have been no shocking surprises, except for the Masters. That's where Fastems #1 and JIS-Automation, the leaders of both groups, lost in the second round to The Switch and Eltel Tuulivoima, the 5th-ranked teams in the opposite group, both of whom have performed well in the playoffs after a sticky regular season. However, in no group have the teams from the very last pigs been able to surprise.

The up-to-date status of all blocks can be found at Toornament under the Matches menu.

The finals of the three series levels, Masters, Challengers and the 2nd division will be held live Arkade Bar 10.12. Come to the venue and watch as the best fight for Kanaliiga supremacy!

The first part of the chicken scramble, i.e. the qualifying round, has taken place. The teams have been formed and the games will start these days.

The Featherweights vs. the Broilers and the Chicken Nuggets vs. the Hämäyskunats are the first to play against each other in the series. Matches stream Manskaz.


On the PUBG side, all series levels have played 5 game days.

On the Masters side, after the initial duel with SSAB, Securitas has pulled a big neck on the other teams, with SSAB dropping to third. Quite a miracle can happen if someone is still able to beat Securitas, because Elisa Reset, who is second in the series, is already 73 points behind. Other places, on the other hand, are still completely open.

In Challengers, Frendy has lost its lead, but is only three points away from first place Aspocomp. Capgemini has also joined the battle for the top with its wild game of three chickens on the last day of the game. So there's enough excitement here until the end.

2. in divar, Vannetukku's neck in Pinja is significant, but it is not yet written in stone that Vannetukku will take this season to his name. However, at this league level, the points differences between the teams at the top are huge, with mid-level teams jostling each other within a few points.

3. in divar, Rovio continues to be overwhelmingly at the top with its steady performances. SOK and Aplicom are fighting for the next places, 86 points away from them, but at least 8 teams are fighting for the medal places, because so many are within 19 points of each other.

PUBG statistics can be found at Kanastats service.

Rocket League

The Masters Standings looks interesting, because the teams have played a really different number of games. HiQ RL has risen to first place thanks to 8 games played, but Reaktor Aaltospurtti, who led the series a few weeks ago, is currently in 4th place with a clean 5 game win. So the real situation will become clear only after the end of the regular season.

On the other hand, in Challengers, all teams have almost the same number of games played and the league table looks admirably even. The teams are almost always one point away from the next one. In the lead is UKKO.fie, one point behind Printcom Rakettirympa and also one point away from Arkta's Repoflick. There are two full rounds left in this series before the playoffs.

2. in divar, three teams clearly stand out from the next three. The series is led by Eficode RC with its clean game, the second place is 4 points away from Don & Branco and the third place is only two points away from Solita Nakkivene. There are 7 games left in the series.

Up-to-date stats here.


Through Dota, there is still less than a week left before the Playoffs. In the playoffs, the top 4 go to the upper bracket and places 5-6 to the lower bracket. The team in 7th place is eliminated from the playoffs.

In the series, Knowit and Elisa Esports are tied and Elisa Esports still has one more game to play, and this game is against another Elisa team that is third in the series. If Elisa Esports gets even a draw from this match, they will continue to the playoffs. Otherwise, the meeting between Elisa Esports and Knowit ended in a draw.

The other rankings are starting to become clear, so after that jerk we just have to wait for the playoffs. You can check the Dota stats at toornament.

League of Legends

Lol about half of the regular season has now been played. The season started flat, but the season has turned to Avania destroying and otherwise the series is flat. There are even two shared places. FFinnair and Ceilin Silvers are tied for third, and Jimm's and Etteplan are also tied for 5th place, who by the way just played a draw, so there was no difference for them either.

The playoffs were supposed to start in two weeks, but the series is behind, so the start of the playoffs will be delayed by 1-2 weeks.

LOL's up-to-date standings can be found at from here.


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