Kanaliiga CS S#2 is now started!

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Kanaliiga S2 has now kicked off, and 39 company teams (ie more than 200 players!) are going to chase the brightest medal in three different series.

Unfortunately, the planned beginners' block did not materialize, because not enough Teams of the right level signed up. However, a group of different levels signed up to have a good time. Due to the huge popularity, we divided each level series into two blocks (A and B), because even if the tough Main Series is a treat, the goal is to play at least the semifinals before Midsummer. MKT teams play one game per week, SemiPro and Pro two games per week. In short math, this means ~30 games a week (for the regular season), so the pace is really fast!

Fighting for the kingship of the Channel League:

We Go to Work too - league (team rank >MGE)


SemiPro league (team rank MGE-LEM)


Pro league (including team rank LEM+)

More detailed information about Toornament.

The best 4 teams in the A and B groups of the regular season advance to the playoffs. In the playoffs, A from group 1 takes on B from group 4, etc. After that, the semi-finals are played, and in the end the remaining ones fight for the victory of their league level and a place at the top of our prestigious corporate league.

And even though the start of Kanaliiga CS S2 is already a treat in itself, we are serving you even more sweets! In order to make it easier to follow the tournaments, we have now moved to the wonderful world of Google Calendar instead of the previous confusing schedule excel. Here you can find not only the real-time score situation, but also a real-time calendar of upcoming matches! Team captains add the games to be played to the calendar every week, and by clicking open the calendar entry, you can see a possible link from which you can follow either POV or commentary. Of course, our goal is to provide a video connection to as many matches as possible, but please note that we cannot promise a stream for all matches.

So now all you can do is put on your cheer pants and cheer your favorite team to victory in the Kanaliiga! There will be speed and dangerous situations, and the best way to stay involved is to join our Discord here. It's also worth following our active twitter account here, so you'll stay up to date anyway.

If you are concerned about anything related or unrelated to the topic, contact the tournament organizer Lapa (discord lapa#3612).


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