Interim report of the regular season games and a review of the playoffs and their schedules

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Kanaliiga CS S2 has now been wrapped up for almost three weeks, and the settings for the regular season have already started to take shape. At this point, let's summarize the regular season situation for each league level and speculate a little, which teams are probably already in the playoffs and which ones can still surprise.

And then, of course, what the schedules look like for the knockout and final games in each level series. Since the series are of different sizes, the schedules are also slightly different, so always check the schedules for your own level series. All of these can also be found in the S2 instructions.

And NOTE! Here we continue the hinting we already started in Discord about the discussions about the CS S2 finals going to a Messukeskus LAN event in the period 1-4 August 2019 (one-point hint: starts with A and ends with Y). SO, if you and your Team intend to go all the way to the end and to the finals of your level series, you should already prepare yourself psychophysically for the fact that you will be able to take the match somewhere other than your familiar and safe home corner. We will make sure as soon as we are 100% sure about the situation ourselves, so stay tuned :)

And then to the point!

MKT situation 19.5.2019 11.20

Block A

Block B

In the MKT, the group A side has already reached the end of the third week, the B side still has a couple of games to play. In MKT, games are played once a week for five weeks, so 2.6. is the last day of the regular season. 3.6-9.6. then the playoffs will be played, where the 1st of group A plays against the 4th of group B, etc. After this, there are four teams left, and the semi-finals will be played from 10.6 to 14.6. The final will then be played on an as yet undefined schedule, at location X.

The situations in both groups are open, as each team can still qualify for the playoffs. Assa Etteplan is still the only one in the group that has not been able to celebrate a victory yet, but the team has beaten the opponent in every match (Siili-Etteplan 16-9, Barona ICT Katowice-Etteplan 16-13 and Granlund esports 2 -Etteplan 16-12) . In MKT, due to Toornament's features, each team has one week off, so Etteplan now has one more game against Traplight after four weeks off. The guys from Etteplan now have one week to get their things in order, because the playoff spot is still up for grabs!

The situation in Group B is also that every team can still clear their way to the playoffs. Today is one of the moments of the solution, when the block jumbos eCraft and Innofactor take on each other at 21:00. Who will be in the playoffs in the end?

SemiPro situation on May 19, 2019 at 12:15 p.m.

Block A

Games are played twice a week in SemiPro, so points have already accumulated at a different pace than in MKT. First of all, I would like to draw attention to how SemiPro is tougher compared to last season's matches - for this season, the rank of the teams was raised, it is now MGE-LEM. This can be seen in practice, for example, in the way last season's winner ITaito is now surprisingly a series jumbo at the moment, however with the same lineup as last season. However, ITaito has scored well in every match and has already won one game, so everything is still possible - all teams still have a chance for the playoffs. Much depends on the evening's match at 21:00, where ITaito meets Qvantel. Commentary here www.twitch.tv/rokkafin!

Even for last season's MKT runner-up Helsinki Graphics, the journey has not been quite as rosy as before, after all, they are now in a tougher series. Graphics also has one more game left in the regular season, so a strong push is needed to clinch a place in the playoffs. In practice, Graphics must beat POG Seniors overwhelmingly 16-3, so that the run difference would be on their side in the event of a tie. This would also require ITaido and Qvantel to stay behind, so a lot can still happen!

At the top end of the group is another team that also played in SemiPro last season, but whose winning streak this season has been unmatched - Codemate has won every game! The guys also play with basically the same line-up, so apparently the team bonds have been honed with a lot of work. In addition to Codemate, Gigantti Pori has secured a place in the playoffs, and last season's Pro series jumbo FHFIN without a complete collapse will also be seen in the playoffs. So there is still a merciless struggle for the fourth place in the playoffs!

There are still enough of the schedules that SemiPro's Main Series lasts for another week on 26.5. until. Due to the different number of participants in the blocks, block B has one less round to play, this can be used either for overdue games or team guarantees. Playoffs 27.5-2.6, group A's 1st against group B's 4th, etc. 3.6-9.6. semi-finals, match pairs according to the regular season. Final then 10.6 -> as agreed at X.

Block B

The situation in group B is already a bit ahead of its time, because since the group has a different number of participants than group A, most of the games have already been played and this last week of the regular season is left for polishing the team guarantees. Last season's SEK, the current Salomaa Warriors, despite a brave fight, is missing out on the playoffs. The Warriors have one more match left, and even a win won't propel them to the fourth place in the group.

Since the group's regular season games have already been played, we already know how to name the playoff teams! The guys at eCraft Dev, who are causing a stir on the PUBG side, have also proven to be skilled pencilers, as they have already secured themselves the brightest crown of the regular season. The second and third team places are still affected by the match between Verkkokauppa.com and Salomaa Warriors. With the win in the online store, they would guarantee themselves the 2nd place in the regular season, h&pn remaining in third. In any case, Fujitsu remains fourth.

Which guys from the other block will get against them? This will be clarified in next week's games, schedules as usual from
https://kanaliiga.fi/cs/! Otherwise, the playoff games etc. schedules can be found at the end of the situation description of block A .

Pro situation on 19 May 2019 at 1:15 p.m.

Block A

At this point, I could repeat myself again a bit about the hard level of this series vs last season. Last season's winner Elisa Oyj has now also tasted defeat in addition to victories (of course, last season Telia was able to discipline Elisa in the regular season), and they now have to seriously fight for a place in the top 10 and in the playoffs.

Now, when every team has at least two games left to play, there can be more than one team in the playoffs. However, it requires hard work from everyone, and it will be interesting to see which four will be standing there in the end! The only one who has already claimed their place with certainty is Elisa's other team EZ4Elisa, because the guys have modestly won each of their matches. In the evening, several decisive matches will be played, of which even moving pictures are available, they can be found in the schedule
https://kanaliiga.fi/cs/ !< /p>

Pro's regular season will also be played the following week on May 26. until, after which the playoffs 27.5-2.6. 3.6-9.6. semi-final, game pairings according to the regular season. Then the finals in place X, on schedule X!

Block B

On the B side of Pro's group, Powerpark has, despite a hard fight, still been without its opening win for the time being. Both Powerpark and those who hit GiganttiS (despite the fine overtime penalty against Telia Inmics) have the situation that the journey is already broken no matter what happens in the final frame series.

Last season's finalist Sandvik and newcomer Conquer Gaming Staff have nicely secured their playoff spots. Sandvik's sky has been clean so far with five wins out of five, Conquer had to bow to Sandvik in overtime by 19-17. The situation for the rest of the season is still open, and the situation is much clearer since the last regular season game has been played, i.e. 26.5! Then the playoffs 27.5-2.6. 3.6-9.6. semi-final, game pairings according to the regular season. Then the finals in place X, schedule X!

End points

So a lot has already been played, but there is still a lot left, because only a couple of teams have just secured their place in the playoffs. As the stakes get higher, it would be nice to follow the twists and turns of more and more games, so remember to put the POVs in the calendar so that we match-hungry people can see how the games turn out in a moving image. We are also always in need of more narrators, so if you are excited about narration, send us a message! The more explained games, the better, you shouldn't take too much ress from previous experience or the lack of it :)

Feedback on this or anything related to Kanaliiga CS treats can now and always be sent to the undersigned, the best channel is certainly Discord, where you can find me on my own #3612.

Thanks to everyone again at this stage for the great matches and good luck for the future! May the best teams win!


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