CS S4 long awaited series levels are now here!!!

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This has been awaited like the rising moon, and now our analysis bot LauJaEx and Toornament bot Erkki have finally got all 120 teams in order and in Toornament! Our AI bot improved considerably from last season, and this season, in addition to the mm rank, a considerable amount of other valuable data related to the skill levels of players and teams has also been taken into account. However, this recipe will be kept a secret, so that it would not be possible for anyone to even try to use it with the intention of cheating. We emphasize that every team has been treated absolutely equally in the league ranking :)

Masters League

10 teams, 1 group, 2 games per week, 8 teams for the playoffs, the two weakest will drop to the Challengers League

Challengers League

16 teams, 2 groups, 2 games per week, 4 teams per group for the playoffs, the best 2 advance to the Masters League, the weakest 2 per group are relegated to the 2nd divar

2. Divari

32 teams, 4 groups, 2 games per week, 4 best per group for the playoffs, 4 best move up to the Challengers league, 4 weakest drop to the 3rd divar

3. Divari

24 teams, 3 groups, 2 games per week, 5 best per group for the playoffs (+ 1 team with points), 4 best move up to the 2nd division, 3 weakest fall to the 4th division

4. Divari

28 teams, 4 groups, 1 game per week, 4 best per group for the playoffs, 4 best go to the 3rd divar, 2 weakest drop to the 5th divar

5. Divari

10 teams, 2 groups, 1 game per week, 4 best per group for the playoffs, 2 best move to the 4th divar

As you can see, new series levels have been added with doubles. This is because one of our most important goals is to provide each team with as even matches as possible, regardless of the team's skill level. 4 Season's Captain's Manual has now also been updated, and you can find more detailed information there https://drive.google.com/file/d/1f_fH8GXl2BLP5BYCrGjPkXKImslKCVhw/view?usp=sharing

Since there are almost double the number of teams compared to last season, a large number of servers are also needed. Fortunately, TNNet has come to the rescue, and Kanaliiga's total number of servers is now 17! We are starting to use a much more convenient system than last season's reserve reservation system, which will be announced by tomorrow, November 1 at the latest. We will inform the Captains about this separately.

Since there are now six series levels, unfortunately we cannot organize a lan final for each series level, at least for the time being. In this fourth season, Kanaliiga will organize a lan final for the Master and Challenger league levels in February, and there will be an online final for the other league levels (also in February).

However, because we want to offer as many people as possible the opportunity to show their skills in a lan event, we will still organize a tournament OPEN TO ALL CS S4 PLAYERS (name TBA)! The first hundred registrants can participate in this side tournament, and the only criterion for this is that the player is declared active in one of the player's CS S4sen company teams. Out of these hundred players, in the end, the best ten will compete in a demonstration match in the lan final, and of course the best will be rewarded with at least an honor :) However, more about this in a couple of days.

Tipuliiga is a series intended for beginners, which does not have the same company team restrictions as in the actual Kanaliiga. That's why the Tipuliiga is separate compared to the rest of the Kanaliiga. We have received enough registrations for the Tipuliiga that we can get the games running. More on this a little later :)


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