Instructions for PUBG Season

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Registration for the first PUBG season starts with these keys and here are some instructions for those who want to join. Since this is the first season-type tournament that we have organized, the instructions will certainly be supplemented and specified.

It works as follows.

  1. A Squad will be created in Xpuls if not already created
  2. All squads will register for the tournament called
    " Kanaliiga PUBG Squad Season 1 - Registration "
  3. There can be several teams from the same company. At this point, the same player cannot be in more than one team.
  4. After the registration ends, the maintenance checks which teams go to the Pro level block and moves these teams to the correct tournament
  5. The teams that did not automatically get a place in the pro level block play of the qualifying tournament on 24.4. 4 maps will be played in the tournament and the tournament starts at 20:00
  6. After the tournament, maintenance will place all teams in level groups based on the result. NOTE. Management reserves the right to make executive decisions if it sees that the result of the qualifying games does not reflect the team's correct level
  7. If there were several teams from the company and one is at a lower and the other at a higher level, players from the lower division can be added as substitute players for the upper division. The players of the upper block cannot act as substitutes for the lower blocks.
  8. The tournament starts and each level block plays against each other on four nights and each night 3 maps are played, i.e. a total of 12 maps will be played and the total points decide the winner.
  9. < li>You can always follow the points situation of the block in XPulz
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