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Until now Kanaliiga PUBG has been short and fast tournaments and we have thought about how we could develop the games? To find this out, we organized a small feedback survey on how we could improve our tournament operations and a few things came up that we can change and where we can improve. At the time of this writing, 54 responses had been received. Thanks to all the respondents

One thing that came up is quite classic, that is, the clarity and timeliness of communication. This comes across in almost every pattern in working life. The aim is to make communication more precise and clear, but when this is done with limited time in addition to one's own work, some of the communication is done very quickly. It is important to know that you can always get answers to questions in our Discord if something was unclear.

Two other clearly desired things were that instead of quick tournaments, there would be a longer series, which 50% of the respondents wished for. Another desired change was that players of different levels would be in their own blocks, and this was what 40% of the respondents wanted. Level blocks would make for more meaningful games for everyone when new players don't have to poop in the toilet with dripping eyes while some seniors shoot heads at a pace of ~10 frags per match.

Based on these feedbacks, an empirical test will now be conducted and PUBG KanaSeason 1 will see the light of day! The thing will work so that squads are played and the participating teams will be divided into level blocks. There will probably be two or 3 level groups. There will be 16-20 teams in one level group.

The division into these groups will be done in such a way that approximately 6-10 teams will be directly selected for the highest group, i.e. the "Pro" group, based on strong Kanaliiga performances from this year and last year. These direct selections will be made by the Grand Jury, to which three players from different teams will be named.

The teams that are not directly selected for the Pro series play a qualifying night where 4 maps are played. Based on this tournament, the rest of the places in the PRO group will then be distributed and also determine which level group the other teams will be placed in. At this point, the Grand Jury still has the opportunity to make fine adjustments if they deem it necessary. The hope is that in the qualifying night you play for the win as well as you know how to achieve the most realistic level measurement.

When the level blocks are clear, each block will play each other on four nights and three maps will be played each night. The combined result of all played games decides the ranking. The scoring is the same as the scoring currently used in the Kanaliiga.

This season, the rules of the game will also be changed so that there is a little more time per round to think about the next move or lottery in peace. Now I have received a message that those who have played less will have a rush when they don't really know what to pick up from the ground.

If the feedback from this season is good and this tournament format will be continued, then the best 4 of each level will move up to the upper level and the worst 4 of the upper level will drop down.

Practical instructions (Will be supplemented)

The game platform is XPulz where the teams register for the Kanaliiga Season 1 tournament. After registration, a selection will be made for those who will go directly to the Pro series, and the others will play a separate mini-tournament from the Season 1 tournament, on the basis of which the right level block is defined. Due to the platform, this will probably be a completely separate tournament, but we will inform you about this in more detail.

There can be several teams from the same company, but player transfers between teams are not allowed after the tournament starts. The only exception to this is that a team with a lower skill level can be played against a team with a higher league level if desired/needed.

This season we will also try the Grand Jury, i.e. an instance that resolves unclear situations and supplements the rules if necessary.


  • Season 1 registration 1.4 - 12.4
  • Those directly selected to the Pro Block will be announced on 14.4
  • Qualifying tournament night 24.4
  • Game nights 22.4 - 2.6 (exact dates will come on 14.4)

That's it, a new pattern and there will certainly be a different adjustment, but I'm looking forward to what my first season will bring! Discord is the best way to give feedback and throw a tip, what should be taken into account?

Edit 1: Date of the qualifying tournament changed to 21.4 -> 24.4

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