CS Season 6 is here!

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The summer holidays are gradually coming to an end and we have sensed the rising S6 fever among the chickens. Before the next season, CS season 5 finals are still coming up on 7.8 (online) and 8.8 (Arkade), so remember to watch the spectacle either on site and/or from Twitch.

Registration for the next CS season is now open at https:// signup.kanaliiga.fi/. HUGE thanks to enzoj for building a new service! The new registration makes it easier to do maintenance as well as to register teams. Registration ends on August 16, after which we will build the series levels with the secret Kana algorithm. The games start on 31.8. and will be in the package before Christmas.

Based on the collected feedback, we may make a small fine-tuning of the tournament patterns. An updated captain's manual will be published later.


A new service has been created for registration https://signup. kanaliiga.fi/ which uses Toornament's API interface. Now it is even more convenient for old teams to register for the new season. In addition to this, the form indicates which information is not correct / has not been filled in, which makes maintenance tasks significantly easier. All players' information must be correct before the form can be sent.

If you are registering for the first time, you need the following information from all players.

Each player must also add "Kukko" as a friend on Steam. Kukko checks the player's rank, as well as hours played and Kukko can be added as a friend before the registration starts. Kukko's friend link is HERE < /a>

All players' profiles must be public, if you want to keep them private, the player's rank will be set to Global Elite and it affects the league level the team is placed in.

If you have any questions about the registration form, you can open a support ticket about it in Discord.

Seasonal fee

The new thing this season is that CS Season #6 is the first Kanaliiga season with a participation fee. This fee is €50/team and is paid to suomisport service.

Our CS series has grown at a great pace, and at the same time, the required amount of maintenance work has also grown at a similar pace. In order to be able to maintain the already achieved level and develop our operations even better, we decided on a seasonal fee. We want to do this job as well as possible! The secondary goal is also to commit the playing teams to play.

Where does that money go?

  • CS LAN finals (technology, supplies, rentals)
  • A CS helpdesk on call to help with any urgent problem situations
  • Technology / service purchases needed to organize CS tournaments
  • Marketing
  • Maintenance expense reimbursements (travel)
  • Possible lottery prizes

We would like to point out that the collected fee will not be used to purchase prizes for different series (the prizes come from sponsorship income), but the money will only go to the type of expenses that are intended to improve and diversify the player experience for all players Kanaliiga CS in series. Kanaliiga's CS tournaments will continue to be run by volunteers, excluding the CS Helpdesk. The purpose of Helpdesk is to be on duty on the busiest CS evenings and make sure that the servers work as they should and that urgent problem situations are solved quickly.

Paying the fee

The participation fee must be paid before registration closes on August 16. Teams that have not paid the registration fee by that time will not be able to participate without post-registration. Post-registration is open from 17-19 August and during this period the registration fee is €100, so you should be on your way in time!

Payment is made in the https://www.suomisport.fi/ service, where one player of the team pays the participation fee of the whole team. The user registers for the service, then searches for the Kanaliiga CS tournament https://www.suomisport.fi/events or uses the direct link https://www.suomisport.fi/events/9cf6fd9f-af1d-43df -aa10-53b3f0a5aebd

There are a wide range of payment methods available, but incentive/exercise vouchers unfortunately do not work as a payment method yet.

Teams of companies that are Kanaliiga support members or work as CS Season six partners are exempted from the participation fee. These companies are Congrid, SJ Gaming, eCraft, Vilpe, Gofore, Certego and CGI.

Happy season everyone!

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