PUBG Summer Duo final today!

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The Duo tournament, which has been awaited all summer, culminates in the finals played today. 30 of the 48 participating teams made it to the finals. 15 of them went through the easier Upper Bracket and the remaining 15 made their way through the Lower Bracket.

The following reached the finals through the Upper Bracket:

  • Isoweli Duo #3
  • Rakennus Takomo Oy
  • Securitas DUO
  • Team YEET Fortum
  • Telia Kouvola
  • li>
  • Medialuotsi Oy Duo
  • OpenText Duo
  • AreSports
  • Etteplan MORE #1
  • HT Laser
  • < li>Cargotec Duo #2
  • Elisa Legends
  • HT Laser Oy Duo #1
  • 3D House #2
  • 3D House #1

Isoweli Duo #3 secured their place in the finals with a strong performance in the Upper Bracket and is certainly one of the early favorites for tonight's games. Coming right behind is Rakennus Takomo Oy, who are new to Kanaliiga, and have already given a storm warning for the upcoming Squad season as well. Cargotec Duo #2's Kirka hasn't reached the killing speed of the Squad season yet, but would it be time to wake up with a bottle of ketchup? Medialuotsi Oy Duo also has their last Kanaliiga game for now and they certainly want to go down in the history books as winners.

Through the Lower Bracket, they reached the finals again:

  • Procemex Duo #1
  • Kontiotuote Oy
  • Isoweli Oy - DUO #1
  • Enfo IM
  • SandvikUG< /li>
  • DreamTeam Fortum
  • SAS Institute Oy
  • Isoweli Oy - DUO #2
  • NMKY
  • Jimm's Pc Store< /li>
  • Elisa
  • Vannetukku.fi
  • Nethit Duo
  • TNNet Duo
  • Aspocomp

An exciting drama can be expected from the final. Procemex Duo #1 and Kontiotuote Oy put on a real show in the final of the Lower Bracket by taking two maps each. NMKY, on the other hand, has performed quite cheerfully in both matches of the Lower Bracket and can very well be in high positions in the finals. Last season's champion Jimm's PC Store, like the previous season, came from the Lower Bracket to the finals, so will history repeat itself again? We should also not forget TNNet Duo, who have redeemed their place in the finals with hard words on Discord's side and have been a real thorn in Isowelje's side. Nethit Duo also made a great rise in the last map of the Lower Bracket, lifting themselves from last place to the finals, will we see more miracles from them?

The broadcast of the final will start on KanaliigaTV on Twitch at 20:00 and during the evening four maps will be played

  • Erangel 20:10
  • Miramar 20:50
  • Sanhok 21:30
  • Vikendi 22:20

Tournaments official leaderboard: https://www.xpubg.com/match/23867
Tournament statistics: https://cgs.gg/tournament /kanaliiga-summer-duo-2020-finale
Twitch broadcast: https:/ /www.twitch.tv/kanaliigatv


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