Kanaliiga PUBG Season 9 by Eficode registration is open

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Kanaliiga PUBG Season 9 by Eficode registration is now open! Registration ends on 10.8. at 6 p.m., so act quickly! After the registration period ends, the organizers divide the teams into series levels and qualifiers based on the teams' previous success.

What exactly is in store for the season? Eight game days and 32 maps of quality entertainment with PUBG! There are plenty of teams for the season, but limited. You can familiarize yourself with the mood of the last season, for example, through KanaTalk episodes.

You can also follow Kanaliiga on various social media channels:


Registration for the upcoming season takes place as usual at KanaStats service. If you have questions about registration or the upcoming season, jump to Kanaliiga's PUBG discord and open a ticket #open -servicerequest channel, and we'll see how things go.


Qualifications start on August 15. and they will be played according to the following schedule.

2. Div qualifiers 15.8. and 18.8.
Challengers qualifiers 22.8. and 25.8.
Masters qualifiers 29.8. and 1.9.

In the qualifiers, two game days and a total of eight maps will be played, which will determine the fate of the team for the upcoming season. The number of teams rising and falling from the qualifiers will be specified a little later, when the teams participating in the qualifiers are known.


After the qualifiers, it's time for the regular season! You can find the game dates in Kanaliiga's wiki and you should definitely mark them on the calendar as soon as your team's league level is clear .

During the season, the Kanaliiga rules will be followed. The rules have recently been updated, more on which below.


The biggest changes in the rules came to the different participation rights of the team members.

The jury disabled the rule that limits the number of competitive players participating in the team, but at the same time, a clarification was added to the rules about the purpose of the Kanaliiga. In addition, we want to reduce the dependence of teams on the use of loan players, so there were also restrictions in this rule.

Regarding the participation rights of companies and team members, Kanaliiga's own rules were used again.

The jury also made refinements to the restarts of the game, i.e. more familiarly to the remake rules.

When registering your team for the upcoming season, please make sure that all team members have a valid right to participate. See the currently valid rules in the links below. Changes to the old rules are highlighted in yellow.



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