Semipro and Pro regular season rankings + playoff pairings clear!

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It's just that just minutes before the finals of the World Championships, the playoff pairs of the last group were found out (MKT's Main Series lasts a week longer).

At this point, Kanaliiga would like to thank all the Teams for the good games and hard fights, and even if your journey ends in this regular season, no worries! S3 is scheduled right after the summer break, registration will probably open during August. So now is a great time on the summer pastures to enjoy the reindeer and strike back in the next season even stronger.

Honor table as follows:

Semipro block A regular season results

Semipro block B regular season results

Semipro playoff brackets

Pro block A regular season results

Pro block B regular season results

Pro Playoff Brackets

How to proceed from here?

Next week 27.5-2.6. so both semipro and Pronk playoffs are played. Opponents agree with their opponent on the time of the match as usual and also remember to mark it in the match calendar so that the best possible decision game can be reported! After the playoffs, only the 4 best teams remain.

The games are played as Bo3, voting on the same site as before. However, one thing will change: All playoff games are played on the Kanaliiga servers! This is because we want to offer everyone a fair gaming experience + the streams last until the end and do not stop in the middle + other small reasons.

How to use the Kanaliiga servers here:
https://lrd.reaper.fi/kanaliiga_pug.txt and server conf for those interested here https://lrd.reaper.fi/kanaliiga-csgo-server.cfg. If you need jees when using Servants, Kanaliiga's ATK master Reaper (lrdgrmrpr#9223) knows jees the best.

But now let's stop CS for a moment and let's shout with Mertaranta that Finland is world champion in 2019!


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