Kanaliiga to cooperate with Jimm's and Noblechairs

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Jimm's is for this PUBG season, has come to support Kanaliiga's activities and will donate four Noblechairs gaming chairs to be raffled among the players who played in Kanaliiga. Jimm's wanted to support Kanaliiga players in particular, and in keeping with the spirit of the company league, a slightly more expensive product prize was chosen for adult tastes, in the words of Joni "FLAMEKKi" Vatanen: "A gaming stool for the last one".

FLAMEKK owns one Noblechairs chair and for work has sat in other models as well: "I've had nothing but good feedback from friends to whom I've recommended Noble. For my taste, when you jumped for the first time, you really fell in love with those entry-level stools. I'd say , that this is more of an office chair with a gaming chair theme. It combines a bit of both."

At the end of the season, Noblechairs game chairs are drawn one for each league level so that each game played is one raffle ticket. This is the best way to serve the community and get chairs for active Kanaliiga players.

I also asked FLAMEKK a bit about Jimm's history in the Kanaliiga. Jimm's appeared for the first time in Kanaliiga duos in 2018: "At the beginning of the Kanaliiga, we received a direct e-mail invitation asking if we could find a PUBG team for the first tournament. After a while, the team was assembled and we got to the games." FLAMEKKI himself had just come to the house at the same time and invited himself to try out the team: "Thanks to the Kanaliiga, I was able to immediately join the group and get to know the colleagues from other departments better." Now Jimm's has been involved for more than three years and the poster has one of the championships from the DUO series. By the way, the trophy is made by HT-Laser, known from the Kanaliiga, and can be seen in the trophy cabinet at Jimm's store.

Finally, FLAMEKKI advises that, especially when making larger purchases, you should ask Jimm's for a quote on 24/7 customer service.

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Disclaimer: Kanaliiga ry's board, PUBG main organizers, -organizers and Jury leader cannot participate in the draw.


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