CS Season 8 playoffs

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CS Season 8 enabled by Visido The main series is slowly coming to an end. During the next week, the last Regular League matches will be played and then the preparation for the playoffs will begin. Around 800 games have been played in the main series, so that the CS servers have had enough buzz :)

At all league levels, the 4 best teams per group advance to the upper playoffs to fight for the league level win. This means that there are 8 teams in the Masters and 7.Div level in the higher playoffs, and 16 teams in the other levels. The follow-up series is played as a Double Elimination, i.e. after two losses, you are eliminated. In addition to the upper playoff series, the lower playoffs are played where the places 5-6 of the groups fight each other for the best.

The schedule is as follows. Playoff diagrams will be completed by 5.10

at the latest

The finals of the three highest league levels will be fought in Arkadebar on 11.12, and the finals of the other league levels will be held as soon as it suits the teams. So they can be already in week 48 or after week 49.

Each team plays 1 x BO3 match every week. You can play faster if it suits the teams, but this is the minimum pace. There has been a change in the sedation of the teams, cf. previous seasons. Now all the teams of the same league level are placed on the same line and the one with the most points gets the first place, the second place the second place, etc.

An example of sedation.

The winners of the higher follow-up games will receive great Kanaliiga products and all the winners will receive an immense amount of recognition in the Finnish CS scene!

Don't forget to come to the streams to support your own

In English

Kanaliiga CS season 8 enabled by Visido regular season is coming to an end and now it's time to talk about playoffs. In all levels the top 4 of each block will make it to the upper playoff's. This means that in Masters and 7.Div there will be 8 teams will be battling for the win of that level and in other levels there will be 16 teams.

Playoffs will be double elimination and every team will play 1 x BO3 per week. There is a change in how the playoff structure is seeded. All teams in the same level will be placed in the same bucket and the number 1 position will go to the team with the most points. Example of this seeding is above in the Finnish text.

Thanks to all players, team captains and companies who have been playing during this season and now it's time to show who got what is needed for a win.


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