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In the maintenance of the Kanaliiga, we have wrestled many times with a problem that has also extended to the players. What kind of groups can we take into Kanaliiga? What counts as regular income? Is it right not to invite a group that has helped us move forward and would like to play, but does not meet the company's definition? A solution has now been found for everything.

Kanaliiga has decided to start handing out a golden invitation for each cs season. The invitation is given to a group that represents esports in some way, but does not fully meet the strict definition of a company, and is not defined as a group of professional players. The group receiving the invitation has helped / will help Kanaliiga to develop as an organization forward, and brings it positive visibility.

Welcome, SJ Gaming!

The management of the SJ Gaming team and the streamteam have been invited for this season. SJG was strongly involved in organizing and helping the Kanaliiga season 3 final arrangements. SJG also takes Finnish esports forward at a fast pace, even to a global level, which fits the Kanaliiga agenda.

SJG is happy to go to the games with a strong lineup, which includes e.g. SJG's Esports Manager & Co-owner Niklas "lotibros" Pehkonen and Director of Sports Otto "defcon" Takala. The entire SJG lineup below.



Kanaliiga wishes SJ Gaming luck and success, and thanks for everything you have done for us.

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