Kanaliiga CS Season 1 has been completed. Good luck to the winners!

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Now it's in the books and on the covers, the number one season!

The last post had the regular season honors table, since then the finals have been finished and the winners are known. For various reasons, the final games dragged on a bit longer, and that's why the last game was only played on Tuesday, even though the next season is already knocking on the door.

Before we get to the winners, let's tell you what nanna is in store for them. In the last post, we already mentioned the wonderful virtual medals that the winners and silver medalists can use in the online environment of their choice: on Facebook, on their profiles, on the company's website... U name it. Here are the medals to refresh your memory:

It's funny! With this, the silver is really not a shame either (The medals were donated by Anonymous Benefactor)

In addition to this, the players of the winning team will be granted the role of "Kanaliiga CS tournament winner", so that the winners would stand out better from us country mats. The role is valid until the next season's winners are known.

And that's not all! The winners will also be given shirts that match the value of the winners, which can be pulled around the neck before leaving for the villages. Alpha male/female/person status is guaranteed with these shirts.

(We will contact the winners to distribute the prizes)

Now that the awards are clear, it's time to announce the honorable winners. And they are... (drum roll)

We also go to work

Winner:Granlund eSports
Delicate Potato
Spare Valve

Silver place: Helsinki Graphics
noobbi kukko
SYYHY< br/>Village merchant

Granlund's road was smooth, because they didn't lose a map during the whole season. Innofactor got the closest in the regular season battle, which ended for Granlund 16-12. Granlund faced Innofactor one more time in the playoffs, where Granlund kept a cool head and beat Innofactor outright in two maps. Helsinki Graphics, which played well in the league, couldn't do anything to Granlund in the final either, so Granlund took the entire league level with clean numbers. With the league win, Granlund will be promoted to SemiPro next season, which will immediately have tougher twists. How will Granlund's corner hold up in a tougher series?


Winner: F9
Joni< br/>JusaOnNasta666

Silver place: Codemate< br/>kookoo35

The SemiPro final was already played last week, but the victory was later resolved in an exceptional way, when the winner of the final, Certego, was sentenced to disqualification from the entire tournament due to rule violations. This means that the winner of SemiPro is F9! They could almost be called surprise winners, as they were fourth after the regular season. However, the guys went and beat the regular season winner ITaito in the playoffs with maps 2-1, after which they came second in the final. However, with the discus of the original winner, F9 grabbed the brightest medal! Second came Codemate.


Duffman< br/>pekka
Elden Evert

Silver place: Sandvik

The final of the Pro group was played only this week, so we had to wait for the decision of the Pro group a few days. However, the final was worth the wait! Even though Elisa was a strong pre-favourite, the opponent Sandvik gave a good hand in the first map in Cache. In the end, however, Sandvik had to bow 16-14. The next map was already stronger than Elisa's control, and this is how Elisa took the Pro League championship cleanly in two maps. If you missed the finale, you can watch it here:

Thanks once again to all Kanaliiga CS season 1 participants! The games were a pleasure to watch. We also learn a lot from the past season, and we develop many things in season #2 (more about these in the previous post and in the Kanaliiga CS S2 rules:)

Registration for the next season is already underway, now let's get together and go to the races! For the next season, instead of three levels, FOUR level series are planned, so even true beginners have their own section. Registration here:


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