Only 3 days to the S3 finals – introducing another pro finalist, Elisa Oyj!

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As part of the Kanaliiga CS S3 final count down, we reveal something new from the finals every day. You can watch the broadcast on the new Kanaliiga Twitch channel here (follow!) and you can register for the tournament here (by signing up, you stay up to date with the information).

As the last finalist team, but by no means the least, we present Elisa Oyj. Anyone who has followed Kanaliiga CS tournaments has most likely come across this team - they have won EVERY Kanaliiga CS tournament:

Kanastrike: win
Kanaliiga CS S1 Pro: win
Kanaliiga CS S2 Pro: Victory

But how will it go in the finals of S3?

In previous seasons, the team has been almost undefeated even in the regular season. However, this past season, the team succumbed to Rainmaker Customer Experiences in regular time, gave eCraft a forfeit win and only beat Valtori in overtime, so a small-scale wobble was noticeable earlier in the tournament of such a sovereign team.

Cs Season 3 Pro Body Kit A

In the playoffs, however, the team made a move and they progressed to the final with a clean game.

CS Season 3 Pro players

The team's lineup includes Joetiple, Kolu, Duffman, Pelden and Ode. Warriors travel to Kaisaniemi from Tampere and the SME region. Will there be another Kanaliiga CS victory, or will Granlund surprise?


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