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Kanaliiga Dota2 #season2 is moving towards the Finals and now is a good moment to recap how the games have progressed and how we will develop the series in the future.

Our goal for Dota2 #season2 was to gather more corporate teams than in the previous season. Our goal was well realized and clearly MOBA category games are of interest to company teams. All the teams from the previous season were seen playing in the new season, and we also got new companies: Tieto, Siili, Wärtsilä, Valtori and Holvi Makers & Dotaers.

The tournament is played as Double Elimination, which practically means that the games end in two losses. This is a good tournament model because the games don't end immediately, but all teams get to play at least a couple of times..

How have the matches progressed during the current season?

This season, the phenomenal playing of Team Siil has been remembered, which took the team straight to the Grand Final without losses. Team Wärtsilä was a tough opponent for Siili in the UB final, which resulted in the second 2-1 final result in Kanaliiga Dota2 history.

Team Holvi Makers & Dotaers. The team lost their first game right away and fell to the Loser Bracket, but since then they have beaten both Tieto and Valtori. Now the team is really close to the LB Final and the road to the Grand Final is possible. We are anxiously waiting to see what will happen on Sunday of this week, when last year's champion Team Vincit is up against the back wall fighting Team Holvi Makers & Against the dotaers. Which of the teams will win their way to the LB final, where Team Wärtsilä awaits?

Overall situation of Dota2 #season2 group stages (remaining teams: Vincit, Holvi Makers & Dotaers, Wärtsilä and Hedgehog.)

How will we develop the operation in the future?

Of course, our first goal for 2020 is to grow the community of MOBA games and players in Kanaliiga. We hope to get new companies involved for the next seasons. To support this goal, we have slightly modified the participation rules of MOBA games so that company teams can be formed from a maximum of 2 company players.

So if you are interested in Dota2 or other MOBA games, join Kanaliiga's …discord… channel to discuss with the community more about organizing tournaments.

Our second goal is the possibility to create Dota2 series levels in the style of Kanaliiga FPS games according to the level of the teams. With the ongoing tournament, we have noticed that there would be a need for a wider regular season. (however, this requires us to get more corporate teams into Dota2)

We will also develop game streaming content and level better. Goals for 2020:

  • Better and more communal viewing experience
  • Easier to follow schedules
  • Centralization of stream channels from all from the chicken league tournaments to one place
  • Live events of the finals

Come and follow Finland's toughest Dota 2 Firmaliiga and you can get information about upcoming games by following our Some channels and joining our Discord!

Dota 2 Dynamo "Mazaaaaaa"

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