Only 4 days to the S3 finals – introducing another pro finalist, Granlund esports 1!

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As part of the Kanaliiga CS S3 final count down, we reveal something new from the finals every day. You can watch the broadcast on the new Kanaliiga Twitch channel here (follow!) and you can register for the tournament here (by signing up, you stay up to date with the information).

Granlund Oy went to Kanaliiga CS S3 with three teams, of which Granlund esports 1 is their so-called. his first team. Granlund has been involved in the Kanaliiga CS tournaments from the very beginning, of course with a slightly changing lineup. Success has come and the guys continue on the same path now, because Granlund is now in the final of the Pro series for the first time!

Pro series level Frame Kit B

The team's players have gone pretty well, when first Granlund knocked out Sandvik, another team that has been in the Kanaliiga for a long time and has merit. Certego also fell 2-1, and thus opened the way to the final.

Pro series level players

It must be stated as a fact that Granlund enters the finals as a clear contender. Final opponent Elisa Oy has won every Kanaliiga CS tournament so far. However, Granlund has started training in good time, and they certainly won't get past the multiple Kanaliiga CS champion Elisa easily.

The team goes to the finals with the following roster: juhq (aka Holla atcha boyy), stor g, tatu, Fantti and surmander. Team captain juhq says the general feeling of the team is very good about the final place. The team was even a little surprised by how well the teamwork has worked this season, even though the sledding together has been less at the beginning.

After the final was confirmed, the team ordered the jerseys so that Granlund's representation can represent their company in a relevant style. The team comes from a little bit around Finland, Juhq being from Rovaniemi, Stor G from Oulu and Tatu & Surmander & Fantti is from Helsinki. As an employer, Granlund has shown the right attitude towards the esport warriors representing his company, and gamblers from further afield arrive in the SME region stylishly flying in business class.


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