CS S3 offers beautiful statistics and MKP announcements

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The feeling of celebration is in the air, because we are now announcing the brand new Kanaliiga CS Seasons stats website! A lot of people have had time to miss it over the months, and finally, our valued member Jari "enzoj" Haikonen decided to take the initiative and build the long-awaited statistics for Kanaliiga.

And well built too! Here you can admire the final result: https://ebot.warfare.fi/stats/?s=matches

On the website you can find both match-specific and player-specific statistics. Statistics are collected from matches played on Kanaliiga servers as well as from Popflash games. We will develop the Stats site even more over time, for example by adding leaderboards.

In addition to the basic stats, enzoj has built for us the best formula in the world to measure a player's performance in all significant areas - the KANA rating!

KANA rating takes the following into account:

KANA rating therefore appreciates not only fragging but also support players and comprehensive team play.

With the help of statistics, every player can develop their own skills to a whole new level. The stats are clear (and relentless) to show exactly where the player is better than average and on the other hand where he still needs to improve.

In addition to all this, we also want to announce that at the end of the S3 regular season, we will reward each level's MKP (Most Kana Player) with a great honor! The honor is to be shared in the S3 finals at the Shelter gameroom on 26.10. However, Kunnia can also fit in the mail if MKP is unable to get there.

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