Visido as Kanaliiga's CS:GO main partner

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Oulu-based Visidon Oy, which specializes in the development of image and video enhancement technologies, will be Kanaliiga's main CS:GO partner next season. The company's own league team has been participating in tournaments for the last season and last fall season made it to the finals of its own division. The company has a strong sports culture, because in addition to the …kynäri… team, the company's personnel play hockey together, among other things.

… We have had a team in the Kanaliiga playing CS for a couple of seasons, and it has made the whole team eagerly follow the streams and comment on the performances. It has been amazing to notice how the suitably hobbyist, but still competitive game activity has had a positive effect on the work community and raised team spirit. E-sports is strongly communal and teamwork is emphasized in everything we do. These are important points for us and we want to be involved in supporting the Kanaliiga, says Visidon CEO Markus Turtinen.

Visidon's marketing manager Jenna Enbuska sees cooperation with Kanaliiga as a natural continuation of the company's investments in supporting sports.

…Supporting e-sports is a good fit for our brand, as we see it as one of the hottest sports trends in the world at the moment, and in Finland it is already the most popular sport among young men among. We are also involved in e.g. As a partner of the Kärppien league team, the Kanaliiga cooperation complements our investments in sports and brings a new, virtual, aspect to it.â€

"It's great to have Visido as the main partner of our CS series. With this cooperation, we will be able to further improve the player experience in our CS series and also build a great final event in December 2021. Welcome and good luck for the upcoming season", wishes Kanaliiga's other founding member Erkki Mikkola

Visidon Oy is a software company founded in Oulu in 2006, which specializes in the development of artificial intelligence-based image and video processing technologies. Visidon's software products are used e.g. for automatic image quality improvement, computational imaging and face recognition. The company is one of the most profitable companies in Finland (*Kauppalehti's success stories) and currently around 40 people work there in programming.

As one of the main technology suppliers in the mobile industry, Visidon's algorithms are optimized for use in environments where low power and memory consumption are critical. Algorithms are already in use every day in more than 1.3 billion mobile phones around the world, and they are also used in other embedded systems where optimization is important, such as car, drone and action cameras.

Read more: www.visidon.fi

Contact requests:

Visidon Oy
Jenna Enbuska
Head of Marketing
+ 358 45 6305 986



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