Chicken League Open Weekly

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Now it's here! Namely Kanaliiga Open Weekly, weekly tournaments open to all Finnish teams.

Come along!

The first games will already be played on Wednesday 26.1. from 19:00 and registration is open until 18:00.
In the future, the series will continue every Wednesday at the same time well into spring.

The matches will be broadcast on Kanaliiga's Twitch channel narrated by none other than HeKsy himself.

Register your team at https://kanastats.com/kanaliiga-weekly. You can log in to Kanastats with a Steam ID and create a team under your own profile.

About the tournament

Tournament rules in brief:

  • The tournament is played according to the normal SUPER rules
  • Each player must be 16 years old
  • At least three players must be Finnish
  • Using Kanaliigan < a data-id="https://wiki.kanaliiga.fi/en/PUBG/Rulebook/Open" data-type="URL" href="https://wiki.kanaliiga.fi/en/PUBG/Rulebook/ Open" rel="noreferrer noopener" target="_blank">open tournament rules

More information from Kanaliiga PUBG Discord server https://discord.gg/wSTUUmzUSX.


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