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The year 2019 will be received with Kanaliiga with the greatest expectations!

The Kanaliiga community was set up in August 2018, when we set out to test whether there would be interest in an esports company league in Finland. As many of the participants have noticed, we have gathered a considerable number of companies to participate in the monthly games and we hope that the number will continue to grow this year.

We have come up with a lot of ideas to improve our operations this year, and we will actively implement them whenever possible. With our activities, we strive to offer even better snacks for the future corporate league scene. At the turn of the year, we also formalized our operations by registering Kanaliiga as an association, which facilitates our operations in certain matters.

There were additions to the cooperation patterns at the end of the year when we started cooperation Nitron . Nitro's fiery experts have feverishly worked on a more official look for Kanaliiga, both on the homepage and in the various media where our community is present. Big thanks to Nitro for the current contribution to supporting the association's activities.

The pace was fast in the fall, both in growing the community and on the playing fields. Here is a small summation of the Kanaliiga 2018 games:

  • There were 6 tournaments
  • 274 teams participated in the tournaments
  • A total of 784 players have participated in the tournaments
  • PUBG tournaments played in total 38 hours

Finally, a big thank you to the companies that have supported the tournaments in the form of prizes. In addition, a big hat-off to the active people who have been helping in organizing the tournaments.

It's great to continue the Kanaliiga story for 2019!

-- Kimmo "rainzz" Koski


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