PUBG: Battlegrounds Season 7 Midterm Review

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"The famous chess was played here"


Kanaliga PUBG:BG season 7 is in full swing and has actually just passed the halfway mark! At the Masters and 2nd Div series levels, the rustling of the top is very even and whatever can still happen, in the Challengers two teams have taken over the entire block and are sovereignly taking the brightest medals. But let's take a closer look at the season's situation.


The reigning champion who went after the name change S6 (Elisa Masters -> Elisa Originals) keeps the lead. However, the leading position is not yet secured in any way, as Securitas SEC OPS is 7 points away and is very hungry. Securita is strengthened by HT Laser and its ankles are stepped on by Aspocomp. In practice, the entire top four is only within 20 points, so anything can still happen regarding the top.

I reached out to Elisa Originals captain cnfnd for a quick interview. On Sunday evening after ten, the captain, who was reached, said "All around ruanlaitto ni hiiliteräs, patfienpaisto cast iron" when asked about his preference for frying pans. I also reached out to HopotuSLopotuS and he came up with a clear "carbon steel" in response to the same inquiry. As a conclusion, it can be concluded that the chicken meal is best done with a carbon steel frying pan. So we'll wait to see if we'll see another 1v1 situation where this is shown on the server.

The Masters season can still bring changes to the rankings, but reaching the top four is already a bit difficult at this point, unless tournament fatigue appears there or something else surprising happens. Behind the top four in place 5 is Jimm's, thirty points away, and after that the point differences are very small, at best there are several teams within one point of each other.

So with excitement, we'll be watching how the series goes and we're waiting for at least more big game moments like the one below! So let this be a reminder to all Stream followers to record the best clips!


Challengers group is dominated by Gigantti, followed by Telia Ykkönen in 2nd place. Both teams have already exceeded 200 points at this point. Slow Forest Coffee, which is in third place, has accumulated 108 points, so at this point it is fairly safe to bet that either Gigantti or Telia Ykkönen will take the Challengers championship. The Finnish Coastal Navy is trailing SFC by only five points, so there will definitely be battles for third place!

From Giganti, I reached out to Gigabot on the company's website and after a few redesigns, I got the answer to my inquiry about the best oven for baking a chicken meal that "The washing machine is probably one of the most used household appliances." Based on this, it is still difficult to make predictions as to whether Gigantti will keep his position as number one, but at least he should be able to mislead the opponent in critical situations.

Where the championships are always delicious, the distance between the top two teams is already so strong that I'm almost more excited about which of the teams will take bronze this season. My bet is that in the third place we can still see anyone from the current rankings 3rd-9th. that is, at the very least, there will be exciting moments in the home stands and on the pitches while the situations progress and the score statistics live!

From the Challengers side, let's use the following clip of Telia Ykkönen's weak job on how to stop traffic:

2nd Division

The second division is played in three blocks this season; A, B and C. The same number of blocks are put against each other, i.e. A fights equally against B and C and so on. During the season, following the point statistics has been more difficult at times when you have to take into account the differences in the number of games between the different groups, but luckily now, in honor of the halfway point, we are in a situation where each group has 16 matches under it, so the point statistics can be interpreted.

The season is dominated by Integrata, but the difference in points to the Securitas SecFlops team is not very big and, like the Masters, the top four are within twenty-five points on their own points island. The gap to Avarn eSports, which comes in fifth, is already more than 30 points from the fourth team, which means that the lead is relatively clear here as well.

As for the second divar, I thought that I would aim for Integrata's Kevinov, but I decided since it was already past half past eleven on Sunday to settle for interviewing my cat Inker. Fifteen minutes after listening to the Mouru concerto, I chose the street. The only thing I got out of the interview is that there should always be a lot of sauce, so remember to leave the chicken juicy and coat it with a suitable sauce and don't mess with it.

As for the second division, changes can still be seen in the rankings over the course of the season, as the point differences are very small from fifth place onwards. In practice, therefore, a couple of successful games on top of a steady performance can improve the ranking of any team even more.

When I asked the casters of Second Divar about their most memorable moment from the season, both JaarliGod and Tatzeu brought up the attached clip:

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