The Tipuliiga for CS:GO beginners will continue!

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Kanaliiga's sister league Tipuliiga will continue in the fall with a new season. Tipuliiga is intended for beginners interested in CS. The game will be played in a limited map pool in the same spirit as last time.

Have you always wanted to try CS, but it just stuck when you were unsure of your skills and/or couldn't find a gaming club of the same level? Or do you perhaps have an acquaintance who has said that playing would be interesting, but has not found the courage to play games? Now all working people have the opportunity to practice the basics of CS in a club of the same level in the Tipuliiga!

CS is a game that is challenging for a beginner to get into on their own. The game is very communal, and without a similar gaming group, the best aspects of the game will not be experienced. One of Kanaliiga's basic ideas has always been that we want to offer esports experiences to players of all levels.

 Since it can be difficult to find five or more very entry-level players from the same firm, we have decided that the firm limit does NOT apply at this lowest league level. All players who have never been ranked in CS GO (i.e. have not won the required 10 matchmaking matches) or have a Silver 1 - Silver 3 skill level are welcome to join.

This time there will also be a double elimination play off, a Twitch question session and a possible bootcamp.

Games are played about once a week and in the tournament each team is played twice. You get three points for each win. After the regular season, there will be double elimination BO3 play-offs and the final.

Registration is open NOW at Toornament https://www.toornament.com/en_US/tournaments/3818912631725686784/information< /a> .

The main organizers are Jori"Jori" Taivalantti and Matti"Manskaz" Männikkö. More information on Kanaliiga Discord from https://discord.gg/7mxBD5A #-tipuliiga- channel. If you need help joining Discord, please contact cs@kanaliiga.fi .

Important links: Captain's manual https:// wiki.kanaliiga.fi/CSGO/KapteeninManuaali
Rules https://wiki.kanaliiga.fi/S%C3%A4%C3%A4nn%C3%B6t
Primary communication channel Kanaliiga Discord https://discord .gg/7mxBD5A
Tipuliiga Captain's quick instructions: https://docs.google.com/document/d/18icsrFqENQlj29TD1izXkuTT3bv-EDaPHRf7rRmB194/edit

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