Sätäliiga CS: week 2

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Week 2 is now behind us from the Kanaliiga CS tournament, and the uncles and aunties have once again gotten to fight their unfinished superiority. I remind you that if you want to watch the matches, the streams are announced in the match schedule https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1B0aYXVmRC89BOH_L6ZarTX0eyso16tUMIO5ot3ZTyeA/edit?usp=sharing. Some people also like to announce their streams on the cs channel of our Discord, so those interested should follow that as well.

Follow the weekly status review (more detailed information here: https://www.toornament.com/tournaments/2219428878036983808/stages/ 2219432085829820416/#structure) :

We also go to work (MKT)
1. Granlund esports 9pts (3/3 wins)
2. Frozenbyte 6pts (2/3 wins)
3.Innofactor 6pts (2/3 wins)

In MKT, Granlund continues his winning streak with three wins from three games played. The advantage is increased by the ratio of rounds won to rounds lost: Granlund's number is a convincing 34. The situation is much tighter for the holders of second and first place: Frozenbyte and Innofactor both have 6pts and a run ratio of 17. However, Frozenbyte is ahead, because they have beaten Innofactor 16-9 in the first round .

In week 3 (which starts today!) it is therefore worth stressing especially Granlund's and Innofactor's game. Will Inno's boys be able to beat the league leaders? Match today, Monday 18.3. at 21:00!

1.ITaito 9pts (3/3 wins)
2.Certego 9pts (3/4 wins)
3.F9 6pts (2/3 wins)

It's tougher in the semipro league's top bracket. ITaito holds the lead with 9 points and 12 rune ratio, although the second Certego has 9 points and 25 rune ratio. How so? ITaito has beaten Certego in the previous match 16-14, and since mutual matches are compared before the run ratio, this is the situation. F9, which is in third place, has 6 points and a run ratio of 22.

As already stated earlier, in MKT and SemiPro teams sometimes play only one match a week, but the total number is the same. So if someone is puzzled by those different numbers in the matches played, the reason is this. In the end, however, the teams will play the same number of games, so the real situation will only be seen when all the games have been played.

There is also a top match in SemiPro on Monday, as F9 will meet league leader ITaido at 21:00! We have to offer both POV https://www.twitch.tv/insostream and chicken commentary https://www.twitch.tv/yonathaniel for this match. So you don't have to think about what to watch if the TV offer is otherwise boring like this on a Monday night!

1. Elisa 9pts (3/4 wins)
2. Separate nets 9pts (3/4 wins)
3. Sandvik 9pts (3/4 wins)

The situation in the Pro League is very even. All teams have been surprised at least once, and thus there is not a single team left in the league that has not lost once. However, Elisa holds the top spot with her convincing run ratio of 28. The situation for Erillisverkok and Sandvik is tighter, as the run ratios are 17 and 15. At the pro level, when each team plays 2 games per week, the top three can look like anything next week.

In week 2, we also got to watch natu and his partners (ORG) shoot in two narrated matches (thanks to our caster SoliD for this!). Tough matches, but even tougher ones are expected as the league progresses. Many of the matches of week 3 have yet to be arranged, but several matches have already been arranged for Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Schedule from the link above!

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