Only 8 days to S3 finals – introducing another semipro finalist, Netlight Consulting!

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As part of the Kanaliiga CS S3 final count down, we reveal something new from the finals every day. You can watch the broadcast on the new Kanaliiga Twitch channel here (follow us!) and you can register for the tournament here (by signing up, you stay up to date with the information).

Netlight will go to the finals with the same roster as it played in the semi-finals, i.e. TUGIS (Tuukka Järvinen), stuba (Tuomas Kuusisto), BAsti (Sebastian Nyberg), kamii bro (Miika Kalske) and Raep (Rasmus Halsas), unless Rasmus's gender restrictions prevent participation when we let loose the destruction LASSE (Lasse Ihalainen). In addition, the team includes an Inferno A-pitti specialist erspis (Eero Airasvirta) who played in the regular season

Semipro regular season table group A

The team finished second in the regular season by losing two matches, but a strong performance in the playoffs earned them a place in the finals.

Semipro player table

Team captain TUGIS says that the team's feelings are absolutely great when thinking about the finals. The team already ordered their jerseys for the finals during the semi-finals, so the team at least has healthy self-confidence. TUGIS says that the team has been at their top level in terms of play in the playoffs, and believes that his team will be victorious in the finals if they are able to perform in the same way in a lani atmosphere as well.

TUGIS feels that the biggest threat to victory is the homework of a dear colleague the night before the final. The captain's wish is that the team would be able to deal with the evening's temptations professionally, but that remains to be seen ;)

The team would like to say a big thank you already at this stage to their background crews who are doing a lot of work: guardian Atte, manager Santtu, anonymous angel investor Udd and casters Samppa and Antti.


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