Kanaliiga CS Season #4 finals @ Arkade Bar, March 7, 2020

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The finals of Kanaliiga CS Season #4 were played at Helsinki Arkade Bar on March 7, 2020. In the finals, the winners of the Challengers and Masters series were decided from the top two of each series. The finalists of the Challengers series were Codemate Esports and Netlight Consulting. On the other hand, Elisa and Certego fought for the victory in the upper Masters series.

The planning of the finals started a couple of months before the event itself. There was an organizing team of almost twenty people, some of whom did more than 30 hours of work during the finals weekend. All employees: production, logistics, narrators and communication operate completely on a zero budget and with volunteer forces.

Arkade Bar's atmosphere was on the roof as the crowd gathered to watch the Kanaliiga CS Season #4 finals.

Chicken fight

Before the final games, the winner was also decided in Kanaliiga's own format - Kanakahaka. The Kanakahaka teams were assembled from a mix of Kanaliiga players based on the statistics of the Free-For-All Deathmatch matches.

Cell guards.

Kukkoilijat became the winner of the skirmish final, which defeated their opponent Kennovahdit in two maps by 16-10 and 16-11.

The roosters.


Codemate Esports and Netlight Consulting played against each other in the final of the Challengers series.

The first map of the final was Inferno, which Codemate Esports won 16-5. In the second map, i.e. Mirage, Netlight caught wind and took the match to the third and deciding map with a score of 16-12. The last map in Overpass saw a world-class matchup, and in the end Codemate Esports was crowned the new winner of the Challengers series with a score of 16-14.

Codemate Esports captain Jussi-Tapio "kookoo35" Lamminheimo in an interview.


In the last match of the day, Masters series finalists Elisa and Certego measured each other.

Train was played first, and Elisa won with a score of 16-11. In Inferno, the second map of the finals, Certego took a close victory in overtime 19-16. This was the first map that Elisa lost all season. The last game was Dust 2, which reigning champion Elisa decisively won 16-6.

Elisa's captain Mikko "erkki" Eriksson in an interview.

Kanaliiga thanks all players, organizers, partners, sponsors and spectators once again for a great season and final! Big thanks and honor also to Arkade Bar, with the help of which we got top-level esports entertainment produced by volunteers and with a working spirit! Congratulations to the winners, see you in the next finals!



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