PUBG Feedback Season #2 and rule changes

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PUBG Season #2 was completed at the beginning of December and while the series was still running, we collected feedback on how the players experienced the season. The feedback was nice and clear, there were a few issues that were discussed with the new Grand Jury

Unevenness of blocks

In many feedbacks, it was mentioned that their own group was perceived as uneven and that the top 4 teams had been too dominant. The game experience is at its best when the games are even, and no team feels that they are the opponent or too superior. Of course, it must be remembered that if a team trains hard, goes through replos, etc., they also develop quickly. For the next season, we will go through the levels of the teams in more detail when building the series levels, and we hope to have one more series level if there are enough teams available. In addition to this, maintenance reserves the right to move the team/teams from one level to another after two game nights. If this is done, the transferred team gets the same amount of points as the second best team has at the level to which the team is transferred.

Another repeated comment related to the unevenness was related to the fact that there were also real gamblers who played at PSL and similar levels. The result of a long discussion was that it is impossible to define a precise definition of why the team is too tough for the company league, but the situation must be looked at on a case-by-case basis. If you are registering and there are known heavy gamblers in your team, please contact maintenance before registering and we will look into the situation. Kanaliiga wants to encourage good teams to try wings, for example in the PSL series, if they have enough money!

Lower level rules

The rules were generally perceived as good, but at the MKT level we hoped for slightly calmer rinks and scoring that is not so kill-oriented. This feedback has been heard and before the next season, the rules will be slightly adjusted to MKT level. At the Semi-Pro and Pro levels, the rules remain the same, but possible Super Loot changes are taken into account.

Duration of the tournament and number of games

There were also a lot of requests for additional games and for more and more frequent games. For this reason, we will shorten the pace of the game a bit and increase the number of maps to be played on game night to four.


A lot of feedback in every direction. The Grand Jury is still pondering the matter over Christmas bonfires and New Year's rockets.

Grand Jury

At Palauttella, we also looked for enthusiastic creators to join us in making PUBG, so that we can better get the message heard from the field and be able to improve the game experience for everyone. If you didn't give feedback, send a message on discord on the #pubg channel, a private message to a member of the Grand Jury or an email to info@kanaliiga.fi

The Head of PUBG Operations is Herra 47 and the Grand Jury includes familiar names from the series. The goal of the Grand Jury is to develop the series and improve the player experience, that is, they listen carefully to feedback and suggestions, which are then reviewed by the group. The Grand Jury has

  • Flamekki
  • Riend
  • ilerssi
  • cBear
  • Lrdgrmrpr
  • sntr
  • Stout

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