The PUBG season is also over for the 2nd and 3rd divisions

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The fourth PUBG season of Kanaliiga has also been completed for the second and third divisions. The second division was won by HT Laser #2 and the third was won by Finnair PUBG Squad. We went through the past season with the captains of both teams and look a little at the future.

2. Division Winner: HT Laser #2

"In real life" our team consists of a couple of salesmen, a quality expert and one designer. These roles also fit quite well on the playing field - for salesmen, the work input usually remains at the level of speech despite the hard work, and the designer, well, it plans. Fortunately, BeerBear255 is responsible for the quality.

The roles do vary quite a lot depending on the games and the situation, except for MC_Prostata, who usually wanders along his own routes. We don't search for airdrops when we don't need them (Trying to keep BeerBeark away from them). In working life, we work and plan future games every day, sometimes we even do real work. Even if you don't have a PUBG professional contract in your pocket.

This season, the key to victory was probably that, as a rule, it was possible to find a good place in the area, after that playing is much easier. We don't dare share tips with others on these sea routes yet.

For the next season, of course, we will go for a win.

-With thanks-
LPL85, SeJermu, MC_Prostata and Beerbear255

3. Division winner: Finnair PUBG Squad

Our team consists of five Finnair pilots. We all belong to Mile High Gamers Club, an e-sports club founded by Finnish pilots, and some of us also play Counter-Strike in Kanaliiga. We know each other through work, but due to the irregularity of work, we rarely meet at work now especially during the Corona period, but even more often in Discord.

Currently we have five young and not-so-young hitters in the team: kalevikalevi, haeba3, pirjobarbara, simppi53< /strong> and Tauno8000. We have encouraged all players equally in the "Young Finland – Everybody Plays" spirit, and we have also strictly followed our strategy throughout the season: the best without training.

The cornerstones of our tactics are confusing, foolhardy, rotations and, judging from the reports, effective "sliding". We don't have an actual in-game leader, but we largely make decisions using all available resources. Other roles are not written in stone either, but here too we proceed in the best possible way as the situation demands. Sometimes overtaking a teammate results in a one-map ban, but even that is forgotten at the latest when we notice that the rotation is a quarter of an inch late again. Then a player from the opposing team would be suitable as Dacia's driver.

Finnair's PUBG team's winning streak has been suspected to be due to the region favoring us, our skating ability and pure luck. However, it may be that the reason Finnair's boys enjoy chicken other than when ordered from room service is the ability to shoot hard and high. Our ability to acquire and process information about maps and opposing teams has also worked well. The same cannot be said about a team that has jumped into Sahmee with us every time in Sanhok, where we have enjoyed a chicken meal this season with 100 percent certainty.

We are not yet thinking about the challenges of the next season, which will surely be bigger this season, but first we will thaw this season's chickens in peace.


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