Elisa: Masters champion of the fourth season of PUBG

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Elisa convincingly won the fourth Kanaliiga PUBG Squad season with a 90-point difference over the next team. Elisa collected 150 frags during the season, which is also 41 more than the next team with the most. We gave Elisa's team the opportunity to tell about their team, the past season and thoughts about the future.

What kind of team do you have?

This winning team was born through a few iterations. We got more players involved, the more people who were excited about the company showed up. After the previous seasons, it was possible to assemble a group of familiar friends, the so-called "dream team", and then the victory was achieved. In the current lineup, cnfnd, HopotusLopotus, RunTh1sTown and JaarliGOD play in the captain role, and creazur< served as a sub from the previous season /strong>.

The certainty brought by repetitions and the knowledge of how one's team plays were the main reasons for success.

Three out of five players do the same jobs at day jobs and the others have become familiar either through playing or IRL. We have also played together a lot outside the tournament and often almost always with the same lineup - or at least with familiar names from Kanaliiga. Perhaps the certainty brought by the repetitions and the knowledge of how one's team plays were the biggest reasons for the success.

Our team spirit is maintained by common memes and summary videos of our activities, which we find at least crazy funny.

A meme picture made by Elisa in past seasons, when eCraft seemed to be Elisa's worst opponent.

Regarding air drops, we have developed a way where everyone reserves their own weapon before going to the box, and the content of the air drop then determines the recipient. The role-playing of the team has also been reasonably free. The boys are used to the captain soloing wherever he wants and then they yell back warning …this is not a good idea…. Otherwise, everyone plays in their own areas of strength and roughly assumes the best role for themselves. If everyone feels like hanging out, a 4-man-split can be implemented if necessary. JaarliGOD mainly plays with bolt-lock guns, while others play with DMR guns.

What was your key to victory this season?

The most important key to victory is team spirit and maintaining it. A good second is then repetitions and playing together. Thirdly, we can mention everyone's motivation to develop in the game and thus accept the development ideas well and we can think together about what went wrong.

Do you have any tips for other teams to improve their game in the coming seasons? How do you feel going into the next season?

The game should be played because it is fun and comfortable, even if it is played seriously. The team's internal jokes and maintaining a light atmosphere make the mood easier. In retrospect, the games didn't feel as superior as the result seemed, but rather the good result was the result of consistent performance: when you get to the top 3 places often, you don't always have to win. As far as kills go, when the tournament itself is more focused on kills, it's really important to stop those knockdowns from there, so that the opponents don't get free points.

Four of Elisa's players are in the top 5 players with the most assists. Assist means doing damage to the opponent's player without getting killed.

We will go into the next season with good confidence and defend the championship. Especially Isoweli and Securitas offered very good resistance and a strong performance is expected from them in the coming season. Of course, we hope that the new teams that entered the Masters series will get to show their skills.

From the highest podium of the award ball,
Lauri “cnfnd” Russian

Elisa Oyj
Tender lover
Defender of equality
The hardest hitter of the Masters series


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