Cargotec: Winner of the Challengers series

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After a multi-stage season, Cargotec won the Challengers series by ten points. We gave Cargotec the opportunity to introduce itself, think about the past and look to the future.

Cargotec's team began to form in the fall of 2019, when cBear started working for Cargotec and first assembled a PUBG team for Kanaliiga. Via bus radio, a team was found in the house for the fall season.

In the third season, it was sometimes difficult to get three players on board, but in the fourth season, the entire series was played with the same crew: Normanton, KirkaSaatana, kilu404 and < strong>cBear. All the gamblers work in different departments, but the majority meet almost every day over coffee, where the games are thoroughly explained.

From the roles, cBear's responsibility was to try to get the crew moving and together they looked for suitable routes to the next destination. Towards the end, our young hitter Kirka was always released, who was responsible for taking kills and points for the team. The others tried their best to support Kirka.

One guarantee of victory was consistent performance and consistent scoring

Playing on the same team throughout the season was certainly one of the keys to victory, when the team's performances began to show some kind of development. We got going faster and made more sensible game moves. One guarantee of victory was consistent execution and steady scoring almost every game day. There was only one total blooming day in the season. Getting back up to your own level the next game day was also a good performance from the team and helped on the way to victory.

If you know how to throw some tips to other teams for the coming seasons, then Loot can also be collected from other than the starting point, i.e. to quickly move and to better playing places. The worst danger of a slump is when you forget about a bad playing spot for too long. And one of the most important possessions in the game is cars, so you should take them with you and take care of them. Many times the maps that started well got out of hand when the team didn't have the right cars.

Next season we will start adding more kills to cnfnd's statistics. Or let's turn Elisa's championship hangover into our own victory. Let's try to develop our own game and fight for positions.


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