Rule violation in PUBG

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"When the community speaks, Kanaliiga listens" is an old jungle proverb. A couple of tournaments have been played with the current rules and we have received feedback that the pace is perhaps too fast at first? As a result, Herra47 was given the task of refining the current settings even better, and in PUBG season one, these new rules will be put into practice.

The old settings were as follows

These are the new settings

What do these settings mean?

Delay = Delay before the area appears
Wait = Waiting time before the area starts movingMove = How fast the area moves
DPS = Damage to the player from the areaShrink = How much the area shrinks compared to the previous area. ( 0.1 10%)
Spread = Probability that the area hits the center of the next area (10 completely in the center)
LR = Whether the next area hits the ground (0=0% - 1 = 100%)

What this means in practice is that several rings now start slower and some rings also move a bit slower, giving teams more time to move to the next area

For Loot, the following changes are made

SR/DMR 1.5x -> 2x
Hunting rifle 1x - > 0x
Crossbow 1x -> 0x,


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