Only 13 days to the S3 final - introducing another MKT finalist, YIT Triplabois!

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As part of the Kanaliiga CS S3 final count down, we reveal something new from the finals every day. You can watch the broadcast on the new Kanaliiga Twitch channel here (follow!) and you can register for the tournament here (by signing up, you stay up to date with the information).

Today we present another of MKT's finalist teams, YIT Tripabois! The team consists of natives from the capital area as well as "train arrivals" (with roots in Jyväskylä and Rovaniemi). The team represents one of the Kanaliiga minority, i.e. non-IT companies, and the team's captain bnz says that one of the team's goals is to show that even in the construction industry, you can keep a mouse in your hand (in addition to a hammer)!

YIT Triplabois joined Kanaliiga in the second season of CS in the spring. The team immediately had good success, being the best in their group and reaching all the way to the semi-finals. Bnz says that the team went to the matches with their jackets open without prior preparation, which then finally backfired in the semi-finals when YIT lost to Efecte Gaming Club.

Season 2 MKT player table

For the third season, bnz said that the team had learned from the mistakes of the second season, and now team play and the use of Utility have been improved. The retraining has clearly paid off, as YIT has gone to the finals with a really impressive performance.

Season 3 MKT leaderboard

The team's final lineup is the same as the team has played almost all of its other S3 games, i.e. Saukko, Jykke, Late, Denrihee and bnz. In addition, the team includes a sixth member, Kaljis. The team also has a so-called No. 1 fan, i.e. the father of one of the players (also working in Tripla), who always gives a direct analysis of whether the team played well or poorly the morning after the match day.

Of course, the team's other background troops are also coming on 26.10. to encourage their own victory!


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