Only 12 days to the S3 final - introducing another MKT finalist, F-Secure Esports!

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As part of the Kanaliiga CS S3 final count down, we reveal something new from the finals every day. You can watch the broadcast on the new Kanaliiga Twitch channel here (follow us!) and you can register for the tournament here (by signing up, you stay up to date with the information).

Today we present another MKT tier finalist, F-Secure Esports! F-Secure's team includes the following players:

- Waltteri "wade" Turunen (captain)
- Valtteri "ProCircus" Rauvola
- Erik "Ekku" Rejström
- Jari-Pekka "Jarski" Rytilahti
- Antti "anderS" Strait

The team has played with the same five-man roster all season. All the players in the team work at F-Secure's head office in Ruoholahti, Helsinki, and more precisely, each player works in F-Secure's Customer Care. Team Captain Wade says that this has been beneficial. Because the team does dune so closely every day, it has been relatively easy to weave strategies, although there have not always been opportunities to train with the strength of the whole group.

Wade says that the whole thing started when he and a couple of others came across a news article about Kanaliiga in the summer and thought that this would be a cool concept that they would like to join - now they just need to get a team together. This is how the clarification work among the coworkers began, and Wade says that getting the team together in the final games was surprisingly effortless. The gang has been fully involved from the beginning and even though the team has not played together before, the wins started to come. At the same time, the team established F-Secure Gaming patterns at work, and Wade says that this also created a small-scale esport hype for the office.

CS S3 MKT player table

Wade says that with the victories, the team's hunger for victory only grew. After finally winning their own group, the team also understood that here are the possibilities to even go all the way to the end. And here they are now.

Waden said that his colleagues have asked so many questions about streams and possible finals that he believes that some people will come to the place to encourage their favorites to victory! MKT final 26.10 from 13.00 on Shelter Gameroom and Kanaliiga's Twitch https://www.twitch.tv/kanaliigatv/

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