CS Liiga situation review after the first week

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The first week of our CS League has now started and the first week has now been clapped. Here's a little status check on how the situation looks like in our three level leagues after the first week before the current week's matches: But before that, a little refresher on how the points are calculated here:

->3pts for a win, 0pts for a loss
-> if tied after that, let's look at mutual matches
-> if the same after that, let's look at the difference between won and lost runes.

And then to the analysis:

We Go to Work too
1. Granlund esports 6 pts
2. Frozenbyte 6 pts
3. Traplight 3 pts

Granlund esports has started with a convincing performance, and in its first two matches it has only given a total of 8 runs to the opponents, as a runier with 24 runs plus. Frozenbyte doesn't do much worse, as they too have remained tight, giving up only 11 rounds, 21 rounds plus. Traplight's situation was tighter, as after the first week their rune situation is -9 runes with one win, but since they beat the fourth-placed Eficode in a tight overtime match, they get to keep their third place.

In MKT, however, one must take into account that that in the five weeks of the tournament, each team in turn holds a flute week (no games) and two of the weeks have only one game. This means that the scoreboard does not directly tell the whole truth. Helsinki Graphics, which was on the sidelines in the first week, will now get into real action this week against league leader Granlund esports. The game will be played on 14.3. at 21. If you are interested, we share POVs and streams on our Discord.

1. Codemate 6pts
2. Certego 6 pts
3. Jimms 3 pts

The SemiPro level was dominated by Codemate with convincing 16-0 and 16-6 wins, with a plus of 21 runs. Certego follows in second with 16-11 and 16-3 in their matches, 18 runs plus. Third place firmly for Jimms with one win and 6 plus runs, followed by a tie and one game played by ITaito and F9, both with 5 plus runs.

In Semipro, however, the situation is the same as in MKT, i.e. the situation lives on and some teams play more games in some weeks than others. This week we see how Eficode, who was completely sidelined in the first week, treats their opponents. The overall situation will become crystal clear only after 5 league weeks.

1. Poolia IT/Elisa 6pts
3. Separate nets 3pts

At the pro level, 2 games are played every league week, so it is easier to monitor the situation on a weekly basis. And the situation is tight after the first week - Poolia IT and Elisa share the first place with their two wins (6 pts) and 20 plus runs! The third place is held by Erillisverkot with one win (3 pts) and +1 run. In fourth place is Aureolis with +2 rune, but since they lost to Erillisverkki, their fate is 4th place.

So the torque is tight! As a little tip, today there will be a treat in the form of a narrated cs-stream, when kintee narrates the Poolia IT vs Elisa match played at 20:00, and the Telia vs Elisa match played at 21:00. If you're interested in seeing how the winner of the last tournament treats his challengers, you can watch it here from 20: https://www.twitch.tv/kiintee

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