PUBG Summer Duo starts today!

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After what seemed like a long summer vacation, it's time to play Kanaliiga-PUBG again! Today the tournament opens with the B-initial group, where 26 teams play and continues on Thursday with the C-initial group with 22 teams. This time, not as many teams registered for the tournament as in the spring mega-tournament, but the games are certainly good to watch for everyone, whether the viewer is a colleague of the player, a family member or a friend of competitive PUBG.

Tuesday's B-initial group will feature: 3D Talo 1, 3D Talo 2, Aspocomp, atFlow DUO 1, atFlow DUO 2, Elisa Legends, HPrint, HT Laser, Isoweli Duo 3, Isoweli Oy DUO 1, Isoweli Oy DUO 2, Kontiotuote Oy, Kouvolan Herkku, Medialuotsi Oy Duo, NMKY, OP Duo, OptoFidelity Duo, Procemex Duo 1, Procemex Duo 3, Rakennus Takomo Oy, Securitas DUO 1, Solenovo Oy 1 Duo, Sumitomo SHI FW Oy, Team YEET Fortum, Trenox Oy and Viria.

Most of the teams are familiar to those who follow the Kanaliiga, but there are also a few new ones. There is a lot of firepower on the playing fields in the B initial group, and you can't even say the top 10 teams from there. A few teams are especially worth following:

  • Elisa Legends: two Elisa Squad champions, surely a lot is expected of them from this tournament as well
  • HPrint and HSPsant3ri entered the last Duo tournament as new teams and were among the top fraggers of each day. The Squad season didn't go quite the same way, but will the more free Duo tournament open the killing taps again?
  • Kontiotuote Oy was asked to be the strongest contender for Elisa in the Squad season, but they had to withdraw from the season completely. The doubles team that took more Duo wins will surely win at least one map in this tournament too - maybe even the whole tournament?
  • Medialuotsi Oy can fight for the top spots in the final thanks to HeKsy's knowledge of the game and the game skill that works well with Masanov. Rumors also say that Medialuotsi would be making a great and great advertising video for Kanaliiga.
  • NMKY will have to play without RienD, who has left the battlefield for the time being. Now let's see how the lessons of the PUBG data bank have stuck in the minds of the players and whether there are still wins.
  • Rakennus Takomo Oy enters the Kanaliiga as a new team, but Marsalkka44, who played in the PUBG finals of Virtual Rama in the Aesir team, plays in the team. The team is definitely worth keeping an eye on!
  • There is no Kanaliiga article if this team is not mentioned. Securitas DUO 1 is back in the games led by Le77u. In his channel league debut, Le77u took 34 kills in four maps and numerous 1v4 clutches have been seen since then. What's in store this time remains to be seen!
  • Sumitomo SHI FW Oy is a slightly different team to raise. The team has not celebrated in the tournaments, but still the team is in the TOP 3 places from map to map. The team manages to stay alive well, and always a kill here and there guaranteed a place in the Upper Bracket in the previous tournament as well.

Thursday's C-initial group will feature 22 teams. Playing in the group are Aplicom Duo1, Aplicom Duo2, AreSports, Cargotec Duo #2, Cargotec Red, DreamTeam Fortum, Eficode ROOT, Elisa, Enfo IM, Etteplan MORE #1, Finnish Esports Consulting, HT Laser Oy Duo #1, Jimm's Pc Store, Nethit Duo, OpenText Duo, Procemex Duo #2, Samlink, SandvikUG, TNNet Duo 2, Telia Kouvola, Valtori Duo and Vincit #1.

Even in Group C, most of the teams are familiar names, but Samlink and Enfo IM will be seen as newcomers to the Kanaliiga courts. In addition, Valtori is making a return to Kanaliiga after a long time. In block C, you should keep your eye on at least:

  • AreSports even surprised many with good success in the last Squad season. Hopefully the good displays will continue to bring success to the team.
  • Cargotec Duo #2 takes to the racing fields with Kirka and kilu404, who secured the Cargotec Squad championship. Anything other than the championship is unlikely to be good for this team this time as well.
  • Jimms PC Store is going to defend its Duo championship with FLAMEKK and guerilla monkey.
  • OpenText Duo features Sykomayn, who collected the third most kills of Challengers from last Squad season.
  • SandvikUG had a more difficult season on the Masters side, but there is still a lot of skill in the team. The team is definitely worth keeping an eye on.
  • Telia Kouvola performed strongly in the 2.Div series under the name Telia Cygate. The team may very well be in high places at the end of the tournament.

In addition to the teams from the initial groups, the tournament will be joined by Vannetukku.fi, which returns to the Kanaliiga with a special permit for the Lower Bracket 1 game. The team had signed up for the A initial group, which had to be canceled due to the small number of teams, and the team did not participate in either of the remaining initial groups.

All in all, we can expect a tight fight for the championship of the Duo tournament, which will be decided on August 27. in the final match to be played! All matches are broadcast on Twitch on the KanaliigaTV channel and broadcasts start at 20:00 on game days.

  • Initial group B: Tue 11.8.
  • Initial block C: Thu 13.8.
  • Upper Bracket 1: Mon 17.8.
  • Lower Bracket 1: Thu 20.8.
  • Lower Bracket 2: Mon 24.8.
  • Final: Thursday 27.8.

Registration for the fifth season of the Kanaliiga PUBG Squad is also underway. If your company wants to compete for the reputation of the toughest PUBG company in Finland, registration is open at XPUBG service. (The site currently works poorly with Firefox and Safari browsers. EDGE and Chrome are known to have worked reasonably well.) More information about Kanaliiga's PUBG can be found at From the Kanaliiga Wiki and from the Kanaliiga Discord server!


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