What does Zoner do?

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Zoner (link: https://www.zoner.fi/) is a Finnish hosting company. Through us, the customer can easily and quickly get the domain names, web hosting, WordPress-optimized servers and email services they need. Most of us work in customer service and we are often known for quality customer service. We are an entrepreneur's support online.

How did you end up playing in the Kanaliiga?

We ended up playing Kanaliga a bit by chance. One of us noticed it online and based on that, it was decided to go along. The threshold to join was also lowered by the fact that Toni Claren, one of the founders of Zoner, already knew Copter (Matti Korvenmaa) through their shared gaming history.

What does Zoner play in Kanaliiga?

We play PUBG, in the last season we played at a semi-pro level and we have also participated in various tournaments. Various game tactics have been tested to some extent in order to find the best way to succeed. We have tried, for example, to take it easy and on the other hand, sometimes we have aimed for the middle of the ring.

We also played one round in the CS:GO tournament, but it quickly became clear that there was an unnecessarily large level difference with the others, even though it is one of the most played games by the Zoner group.

What kind of roster do you have in PUBG?

The team has varied quite a lot, especially in the past, when there were more players who wanted to join. Some have now moved on to other games, so for now it has been continued with the help of four active players.

We don't have team roles divided, but we have tried an in-game leader who decides where to go and through what. Thanks to the leader, the game doesn't overlap into yelling when we discuss together what should be done.

How have the Kanaliiga games gone?

It seems that Zoner's team has such an average level, and we've even won a few maps at times. Kanaliiga has also brought us positive visibility among other participants and broadcast followers, even though we are at an average level.

Once we even received one job application because we were seen playing in a PUBG tournament. Apparently, the person had searched for information about the company, noticed an open job and applied for it.

How else does the game look on Zoner?

Zoner is also played a lot outside the Kanaliiga, and gaming is deep in Zoner's culture. The office has e.g. 8 consoles, a VR room and gaming laptops for work use. The office also organizes game nights about once a month, and they have indeed played a central role in terms of building the company's team spirit. (Link: https://www.eepelit.fi/peli-illat-rakentavat-ersentan-tiimihenkea/ )

Zoner organizes cabin trips where you can play with a group.

Sometimes consoles are also dug out during game nights.


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