Kanaliiga PUBG Squad 4th season series divisions and presets

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Kanaliiga's oldest and greatest tournament game returns bigger and more awesome than ever! Since the end of the previous Squad season, the organizers have been working every day to start the new season, to make it even better and more awesome than the previous one. Registration just closed and the teams have been set to their league levels - more about them later in the article.

Rule changes

For the season, changes were made to the rules based on the deficiencies found during the last season and feedback. The most important change was a complete rewriting of the rules, in order to avoid situations where solutions to issues during the season would not have to be made outside the rule book. The rules were already in use in the last Duo tournament, and they were still tweaked after that. The most important changes for the new season:

  • Longer series and earlier endings for game days
    • Many hoped longer series than the PUBG season, so one more game day was added to the fourth season. Similarly, many hoped for an earlier end to the game days, so one map was removed from the four game days. The number of playable maps remains the same as in the third season, but the series lasts longer in terms of calendar time.
  • Vikendi area and loot setting changes
    • Vikendi areas were too small in the last season fast at first and towards the end the movement slowed down significantly. For the upcoming season, the first and second stages are significantly bigger and the endgame areas will move significantly more, so that we can avoid five or six area positional battles like last season.
    • Vikend's loot settings were also felt to be too random. The amount of Loot was significantly increased while still maintaining the balance in terms of the RNG nature of Battle Royale and sufficient Loot. The teams will find more stuff, however, not every player will be fully equipped after a minute of looting.
  • Sanhoki area change
    • For the Kanaliiga's first Squad season, Kanaliiga's own squads were developed , slower, areas to enable a calmer start for the teams. However, in the case of Sanhok, the areas were significantly slowed down and compared to the 2020 SUPER race rules, the Sanhok areas were up to six minutes slower. The areas were redesigned based on the SUPER regulations, shortening the Kanaliiga's previous Sanhok games by about four minutes.
  • The rules related to competitive and professional players and the players' representation rights in the teams were specified.
    • Kanaliiga was originally founded as a business league and we want to keep it as such. There has been significant feedback on this over the past couple of seasons, and for the upcoming season, the organizers did not grant any organization a Golden Ticket-type free ticket to the tournament. The organizers went through the backgrounds of several teams during the registration phase, and in the coming season only the work communities of the organizations will compete with each other.

Series divisions and presets

After the last season, the organizers recognized the difficulty especially with the 2nd division to have equal gaming experiences for everyone. To everyone's delight, a good number of new teams were added for the upcoming season, and we can happily say that the upcoming season will be played at four different league levels! This caused some challenges to place teams in different league levels, and the placements took a lot of time for the organizers and the PUBG Jury Team. They also tried to keep the number of teams smaller than in the previous season, so in the coming season there will be a maximum of 14 teams in the league levels. In the coming season, we will see the series levels: Masters, Challengers, 2nd Division and 3rd Division.

Next season's game dates will be be as follows:

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Game DayMastersChallengers 2. Div3. Div
1.Mon 13.4.Tue 14.4.Thu 16.4.Sun 19.4.
2.Tue 21.4.Thu 23.4. Mon 27.4.Tue 28.4.
3.Thu 30.4.Mon 4.5.< /td>Thu 7.5.Sun 10.5.
4.Mon 11.5.Tue 19.5.Mon 18.5.
5.Thu 21.5 .Mon 25.5.Thurs 28.5.Sun 31.5.
6.Mon 1.6.Tue 2.6.Thu 4.6.Mon 8.6.
7.Tue 9.6.Thu 11.6.Mon 15.6.Tue 16.6.


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Masters series teams for season four

Like last season, the Masters series is expected to be tight again. Securitas returns to defend its championship from the previous season with the same lineup. No one would be surprised if NLB_Le77u wins this season's frigate statistics as well, but will the early season PSL games affect participation in the Kanaliiga? The strongest challengers for Securitas are expected to be Elisa, Tampere NMKY and Kontiotuuti. Elisa combined the Elisa #1 and Elisa #2 teams that played in the Masters group last season into one All Stars team, and the team is full of tougher players. Tampere NMKY, on the other hand, returns to the battlefield under the leadership of RienD, who sowed terror. The container product, on the other hand, has the players who played together for a long time from the early days of the Kanaliiga together again, and timeluck9r may very well be taking Le77u's kingship.

Old teams also include Alma Manu, HT Laser, MH-Betoni, Procemex #1 and SAS Institutes. Among them, HT Laser and Procemex sometimes have to rely on help from the lower leagues, so the player material is not necessarily at the level of the top teams, but history has already proven that both teams can stretch to great performances due to solid experience and good team play.


Challengers league teams for the fourth season

The Challengers series was the most crowded of all blocks. The organizers had a lot of work to get 14 teams from around 23 teams to the series. Cargotec and Team YEET Fortum start the series with the strongest expectations. Neither of the teams has made significant lineup changes for the upcoming season. Cargotec's Kirka showed strong performances last season, finishing fourth in the freighter statistics, and the performance could not slow down even in the Duo tournament organized between seasons. Fortum, on the other hand, continues to play with a strong lineup, of which Temppu_, who ranked sixth in last season's frigate statistics, emerges as the brightest player. Bitfactor eSports, which was the most successful of the Challengers teams last season, will start the season without clearly the brightest star ilerssi, so we'll be watching how they do.

Last season the very successful Isoweli Oy Squad #2 lost players Isoweli Oy Squad #1 , so it remains to be seen if the team is still the top tier of Challengers. Jimm's PC Store, which played in the Masters block last season, made big changes in its lineup when the old PUBG players quit and new ones came from the CS side, so the organizers thought it reasonable to drop the team into the Challengers series. However, FLAMEKKi and guerilla monkey, who won the last Duo tournament, will continue in the team, so the team can very well clear its way to the Masters series again next season. Also new to the series is Eficode, who won last season's 2nd divar sovereignly, but it remains to be seen if dominating the big boys' games in the lower leagues is enough. Three of the team's core players are also in the early season PSL games, so that can also affect the team's success. It is also worth noting the Sulava Squad, which is seen as a completely new team in the Kanaliiga, where Kaljalava, who has been commendably mowing frags, plays on the pub side.

Other teams seen in the series are Certego, Codemate familiar from the previous season strong>, Medialuotsi, OpenText, Pelaajatcom, Suomen Levyprofili and Zoner.< /p>

2. Division

2. Division series teams for the fourth season

2. The Division series level changed significantly from last season and the level became considerably tougher. A few teams from the old Challengers were transferred to the series and even battles can be expected. It's hard to choose an early favorite for the season, but 3D Talo and HT Laser are certainly strong. You will definitely see more players from HT Laser playing for the Masters team, and it wouldn't be surprising if at the end of the season BeerBear255 was at the top of the frigate statistics. 3D Talo, on the other hand, starts with a very strong and balanced lineup, because last season each of the players showed great individual skills, especially by v0vi and Kr3ps, but especially playing as a strong team. Last season, Vincit, Telia and Innofactor, who played at the Challengers level, are included. Of these, you should follow Telia's tomb4a and Vincit's Original_Bowser. In the second season, Innofactor played strongly in the 2nd divar, but lost Janne907 after the season. In the coming season, you should keep your eyes on Mexikon_Pikajuna and sasba. Not forgetting Kanaliiga founding members Ersiboguu and rainzz.

H-Print, Securitas #2 and Telia Cygate will be seen as new teams in the Kanaliiga. H-Print already made its debut in the last Duo tournament and it is worth noting HSPsant3ri.

Other teams playing in the series are AreSports, CGI Punakone, Metroauto, OptoFidelity, SuomiCom > and Viria. All of them, except OptoFidelity, played in the 2nd divar last season and showed strong performances in places. If teamwork and individual skills have been further refined, they can become worthy contenders for the top ranks. Viria will at least start the season with m4rjis's Kanaliiga mouse pad, will it bring the missing precision to the mouse hand?

3. Division

3. Division series teams for the fourth season

3. The Division is introduced as a novelty for the fourth season with a slightly smaller number of teams. New teams from outside the Kanaliiga and old 2nd Division series teams were added to the series. Nethit Systems, which has been in the Kanaliiga almost from the beginning, will go into the series as early favorites. There are good players in the team and if the problems with the game rhythm of the previous season have been fixed, it is a possible championship favorite. It is difficult to select the best player from the team in terms of individual skill, but Vesseli and Nemonen are certainly fighting for the top spot in the frigate statistics. Right behind Nethit are atFlow Oy, Solenovo Oy and Lounea. Each of the teams played evenly the previous season and now it's certainly their turn to shine in terms of skill level in a more even league level. Based on last season's performances, you should keep an eye on atFlow's i-Trap and CryptHash, Solenovo's mauhem and Lounea's KebaATKiller age. They are potential alternatives to become king of frägi in the coming season.

As new teams in the series, the ones that have already come to the attention of the whole of Finland with the IS article Finnair PUBG Squad, Integrata, Procemex Oy #3 and TNNet Oy Squad. In advance, among the strongest players in the series is Finnair's kalevikalevi and, if only flight work does not prevent playing, it may also have one of the toughest players in the series. Integrata, on the other hand, returns under the leadership of Kevinov, who made a name for himself in the Kanaliiga CS and RL fields. Procemex, on the other hand, renewed its team and will participate in the season with two teams. Both teams can be expected to place on the side of the Masters team, so they should not be forgotten when talking about the top teams.

The previous season is also included Abloy Oy #1, Aplicom and Sensei Creative Agency played in the 2nd Division series. Even for them, a more even series in terms of skill level will certainly bring better opportunities for success. Abloy will surely get good training from the Abloy Oy #2 team playing PUBG in the Masters series, and Aplicom, on the other hand, will get a fourth player in its roster for this season, as well as active coaching from the players of the Procemex #1 team in the Masters series. If you learn to move to the playing fields, you can see them with high rankings at the end of the season.

Updated 10.4. at 14:10: Added to Sensei Creative Agency 3.Division series



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