Let's Go PUBG Season #2

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People are already impatiently waiting for the next season to start and now we can tell you more information about the upcoming season. That is, familiar blocks from CS Puolet

are included
  • PRO ( Really tough guys) - 16 Teams
  • Semi-Pro ( Pretty tough guys) - 18 Teams
  • We Go to Work too, or MKT (Not so tough guys) ) 18 Teams

A lot of new teams joined and the Grand Jury spent sleepless nights thinking about how to get the same Rank layout as on the CS side, but it was decided to hold a Qualifying Tournament for the new teams. This tournament will be played from 15.9 at 20:00. Attention! Only new teams participate in this tournament, and based on the qualifying tournament, the teams are divided into Semi-Pro and MKT level groups.

More information about this Qualifying Tournament at xpulz here

You can see those who subscribed to the blocks in these links PRO , Semi-Pro , MKT

Game days below, games start every day at 20:00

< td>11.11 Mon
Day 1Day 2Day 34 day5 day6 day
Pro23.9 Mo< /td>6.10 Sun16.10 Wed28.10 Mon17.11 Sun27.11 Wed
SemiPro25.9 Wed30.9 Mon20.10 Sun30.10 Wed1.12 Sun
MKT29.9 Sun2.10 Wed 14.10 Mon3.11 Sun13.11 Wed25.11 Mon

As for the rules, scoring and lots will be Super, but the areas will be old-style with small tweaks. Super rules can be found at https://liquipedia.net/pubg/SUPER

Here Seasonila supports the PUBG tournament

And of course Finland, if not the universe offers the best PUBG broadcasts


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