PUBG Squad Season 5 Masters: Season Preview

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Finally, the Kanaliiga's kingship is also getting up to speed. In the evening, the Masters series starts, where 17 other teams are chasing Elisa's defended championship. In addition to old acquaintances and one returning team, this season includes one completely new team in the Kanaliiga!

Masters Series Teams for Season Five

3D Talo

3D Talo has shown strong team play in the lower leagues for several seasons. Based on these displays, the ticket to the toughest series for the season was announced. Kr3pS (55 K, 8606 DMG), Ensio_o (40 K, 7439 DMG), zalmonsnake (40 K, 6788 DMG) and Zalmonsnake (40 K, 6788 DMG) >v0vi (34 K, 6235 DMG) all finished in the TOP 10 places of last season's 2nd Division, and the team was second in the final standings of the series, with a difference of almost one hundred points to the third team. Even though the opponents in the starting season are tougher than the 2nd Division, it can still be assumed that the team will do well in the series. The team does not enter the season as early favorites, but the championship would not be a surprise for this team either.

Abloy #2

Abloy #2 won the Challengers in the third season, but in the fourth season the ride was cold on the Masters side and in the final standings the team was the last of the teams that played the whole season. However, the weak performance is influenced by the fact that the team did not get MAUKKiS (12 K, 3324 DMG), who excelled in the Challengers, into many games. However, for the starting season, the problems have been fixed, as JaarliGOD (35 K, 7145 DMG) acquired from Elisa via player transfer will strengthen the team. If the team can play JaarliGOD and MAUKKi at the same time, the team can have a bright future in the Masters. Otherwise, Abloy's frag videos of the upcoming season will probably be shorter than Elisa's video of the previous season.


Challengers last season's winner will pick up where he left off last season. The composition of the team has remained the same and the forces are led by Kirka (62 K, 10917 DMG) who won the Challengers' kill statistics, followed by the more even trio cBear (27 K, 4096 DMG), kilu404 (26 K, 6641 DMG) and Normanton (17 K, 3620 DMG). The team has admitted that they don't train together much outside of the Kanaliiga, so it might start to show already on the Masters side, when there are a lot of teams playing together. The team is more likely to fight for positions in the middle stages of the series, but if Kirka's joy of playing remains good throughout the season, even a top 5 position at the end of the season might be possible.


Eficode season preview written by cBear:< /p>

Last season, Eficode fought until the last map to win the Challengers series, but ended up finishing second in the series by only 10 points. The team is terrorized by sntr- (58K, 11287 DMG), who ranked second in the series' kill stats and tops in the damage stats. Behind the broad shoulders of sntr, kills were also made by LordNyr (25K, 4518DMG) and GYROFIN (20K, 3107 DMG). Even in the coming season, sntr-, with whom the team rises and falls, will shoulder the biggest burden for the team's success. If the team has enough motivation to play together outside of the Kanaliiga, the team has blanks on which to build a team aspiring to the top. Otherwise, the Masters series might bring cold water down the neck after several seasons of managing the lower series.

Kanaliiga's reigning champion team. The team won last season after an almost sovereign show, which was certainly the result of the many hours played together. Last season's kill leader cnfnd (62 K, 10070 DMG), RunTh1sTown (27 K, 4730 DMG), HopotuSLopotuS (25 K, 5284 DMG), creazur (1 K, 473 DMG) and Tatzeu. The team experienced a big loss when JaarliGOD moved to the ranks of Abloy, and creazuri and Tatzeu, who previously served as the team's sub players, have big boots to fill. However, the team's players have been actively training all summer, so the team's place is definitely still among the TOP 5. However, the pressure of the clearest advance favorite was removed from the team with Jaarli, although the chances of defending the championship are still good.

< h3>Etteplan MORE

Etteplan MORE finished sixth last season. Between seasons, however, the team lost Stout and the team had to look for more players in their ranks. In the duo tournament ufam (27 K, 5226 DMG) and punpu (24 K, 6172 DMG) went to claim the 13th place in the final and Kinpexxx ( 14 K, 2477 DMG) single-handedly grabbed one win for his team last season, so the team still has the ingredients for success. The top 5 has to get there and the team hardly has enough food to get there this season, but the team will definitely fight for map wins.

Granlund Esports

Granlund finished 12th in the Masters of the third season and now after one offseason is back time for the Kanaliiga playing fields. In the third season, jjvesa (27 K, 4147 DMG) and jassokiZ (23 K, 6212 DMG) achieved the most results in the team. The team starts the season with the same composition as before, so the team's Masters place was felt to be justified. The level of training of Granlund's players has been variable during the break, so the team is not necessarily fighting for victories at the beginning of the season, and beyond that, the chances for the championship fight are running low. On the map level, however, Granlund is a worthy challenger.

HT Laser Oy

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HT Laser combined last year's Masters and 2nd Division teams into one team. In the new team, a number of familiar names from the top positions of the kill markets now play. The team includes e.g. The third in the kills statistics of the Masters series and the first in the damage statistics xacho (45 K, 10510 DMG), in the 2nd Division last season the third in kills was BeerBear255 (45 K, 7575 DMG), fourth in the 2nd Divison was SeJermu (42 K, 7418 DMG) and seventh in the 2nd Division was LPL85 (40 K, 7503 DMG). If the team maintains the great team play seen in the 2nd Division combined with the individual skills of the Masters players, the team will certainly be one of the championship contenders.

Last season, Isoweli finished second in the Masters with a difference of 90 points to Elisa. The team starts the season with last season's composition, where Viljam (40 K, 6837 DMG) scored the most, followed by an even trio of Cmies (27 K, 5993 DMG), Troposco (22 K, 5649 DMG) and VeePPee (20 K, 4425 DMG). With Elisa's player changes, Isoweli starts as perhaps the biggest early favorite in light of last season's results.

MH -Betoni Oy

MH-Betoni started the fourth season well and was at the top of the league table after a couple of game days. However, with Elisa's mega day, their speed also faded and the final result was only eighth place. Jobeyo (44 K, 8215 DMG), who was fourth in last year's kill stats, plays as the number one target in the team. In the light of preliminary information, the team is apparently playing most of the season with three players, so the team is hardly in the championship fight.

Playerscom Squad

Pelaajatcom had a very consistent fourth season in the Challengers group. The team didn't have many bad games, but they didn't have enough wins either. The final result of the season was third place with a difference of 17 points to first place. The team's strong consistent performance earned the team a spot in the Masters Series for the upcoming season. The team's players toured throughout the season and in light of the results, the top four Pimmyjage (33 K, 5222 DMG), jusa2k (26 K, 4174 DMG), KANKAISIJA (24K, 4566 DMG) and SPY3R (24K, 3838 DMG) have similar results. The team starts the season as a challenger, but most likely the team will be found in the top 10 at the end of the season. If jusa2k plays more games compared to last season, top 5 or even the championship is not impossible.

Procemex Oy #1

Since the early days of Kanaliiga, Procemex has been reaping profits at a steady pace. The team has two Squad tournament championships under its belt, but the season championships have yet to wait. They finished fourth last season. The team has played well with the same basic composition throughout the years SoLa_ (30 K, 5320 DMG) and Herra47 (29 K, 5427 DMG), also a familiar person from the HerraClap emote, under. The position of the other two players in the team has been somewhat rotating, and they have not seen a permanent lineup for some time. However, the team's players also play very actively together outside of the Kanaliga, so the keys to the championship probably lie mostly in finding a permanent lineup.

Rakennus Takomo Oy

Rakennus Takomo gave itself a real storm warning in the past duo tournament by playing itself to third place, one point away from the championship. The team has a lot of players who have played together on the pub side, and this was also reflected in a good result in the duo tournament. Competitive Squad PUBG is actually very different compared to normal gameplay, but the team still has a good chance of success in terms of individual skills. At the very least, Takomo will challenge everyone in the championship and will probably also be one of the champion favorites.

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Coastal Fleet

The Coastal Fleet advanced to the fourth season from Challengers to Masters and started right away with a victory on the first map. However, due to work obstacles, the team has had to miss several game days and this will be the case this time as well, because the opening of the season is between them. The team has an even player material, when the top four Holkeri3 (15 K, 3472 DMG), Madenko (15 K, 4952 DMG), FoxOwns (12 K , 1391 DMG) and Littipeukki (10 K, 2236 DMG) are all close to each other in terms of stats. You can expect several map victories from the coastal fleet even in the season that is about to start, but the team is not participating in the championship battle due to busy work.

< h3>SAS Institute Oy

SAS Institute ranked tenth last season. The team is largely on the shoulders of M1G_BuTTeRNutZ (33 K, 5629 DMG), also seen in Myst1s Gaming, but maestryo (19 K, 3610 DMG) and Jerppe (11 K, 2001 DMG) has also brought his own card to the crowd. In the beginning of the season, the team is fighting for the places in the middle of the series, but the championship needs a lot of stretching, especially in terms of teamwork. BuTTeRNutZ is able to turn the game into a victory for SAS in the final battles, but in order to reach the end of the game evenly, more work is needed from teammates as well.

Sandvik has already had several difficult seasons behind him on the Masters side. The last season ended for them in 11th place, a couple of points behind SAS. Sandvik has relied heavily on the play of Bot_RiGhT (20 K, 5110 DMG), but also in his absence erareika (17 K, 2936 DMG) and Zilippa (10 K, 4407 DMG) has claimed responsibility. The team has also previously had to play several games with three players and that has also made it difficult for the team to win. Playing as a team of four in the starting season, the team has the opportunity to fight for map victories, but probably Sandvik will compete more for its glory in the middle stages of the standings.

Securitas SQUAD #1

Securitas Squad #1 was not quite in the mood for the third season and the end result was third place in the standings. The season started in second place, but the team's long dry seasons spoiled the chance of a double championship. However, from the team Le77u (54 K, 9300 DMG) was second in the kill exchange and Kuupotha (25 K, 4907 DMG)) and Hard_Bandit (14 K, 2683 DMG) provided background support. The team also lost Karri89 on the eve of the season, so the team has to find a new core player for its team. Le77u can still turn 1v4 situations to the team's advantage, but the championship would need the successes of the whole team like in the third season. Securitas will be in the top 5 at the end of the season, but a second championship for the team is a question mark based on the previous season.

Tampere NMKY finished seventh last season. However, they will have to leave for the starting season without the contribution of RienD (42 K, 7413 DMG) to the team on the playing fields, who finished fifth in last season's kill statistics. However, the team has included e.g. Teuhka, seen in MJ-Esports, and Peps1Maxer (21 K, 4406 DMG), TouhotinPubNalle (9 K, 2453 DMG) ) and NIRMO (14 K, 3496 DMG). The team is hardly among the sharpest edge in the championship fight, but will certainly give them a tough resistance. And according to rumors, RienD might come to support a few games during the season.

TOP 5 Predictions

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The Top 5 predictions are in alphabetical order and made to motivate the teams to surpass their previous Kanaliiga success, based on which the TOP 5 are predicted.

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TOP 5 teams:

  • Elisa
  • HT Laser Squad
  • Isoweli Oy #1
  • Rakennus Takomo Oy
  • Securitas SQUAD #1

TOP 5 players:

  • cnfnd
  • Jobeyo
  • Le77u
  • Viljam
  • < li>xacho

Le77u's tip corner

Le77u, who won the Kanaliiga championship in the Securitas Squad #1 team at the masters level and plays in the Northern Legacy eSports team at the international level, has promised to help teams that need tips for their games this season as well. If your team has any questions about their own game, send the https://chickendinner.gg link about the game to Le77u#8647 in Discord and there will surely be help for the team's problems!

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