CS: Decommissioning of the feedback survey and possible changes for S2

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We asked, you answered! We've received a lot of feedback in our Discord, but in order to develop our operations, we wanted even more information about what you think has worked in this Kanaliiga CS season, and what hasn't. That's why the feedback survey was set up, and this post feeds it and gives answers to questions that may have puzzled some people. Comments and further development ideas are more than welcome!

A nice 23 responses were received, a considerable number of them from the team captains of the CS season. Opinions and experiences about the season were divided, except for one question:

The format has therefore been found to be obviously functional, and therefore the basic framework is kept unchanged. Overall rating Kanaliiga CS S1 was also good, an average of 4/5, thanks for this gamblers! :) A lot was good, but there is still a lot to improve.

Measures for equalizing level differences

Some of the development ideas focused on level differences between teams in the same series. For some of the teams, the situation was that they were in the wrong level series compared to their actual level. Our most important goal is for everyone to have fun, and to reach this target, the number one priority would be for everyone to have as smooth and suitably challenging games as possible. This goal is of course difficult (but not impossible!), because as we know, even idiots like Valve or Facet have not been able to solve the same issue completely despite their ranking system. However, we will do our best, and here are the planned measures for the next season:

-> The bottom two of the series will be relegated to the lower level series, if approx. 50% of the players in the team remain the same. This is also influenced by the team's own wishes. If the team wishes to participate in a lower league, these are always considered on a case-by-case basis.

-> The top two teams in the league will also move up to the higher league, if the previous points (50% players the same) remain.

-> Now the team ka. rank was calculated according to the six highest ranks of the team. Especially in the lower leagues, the games are actually decided by two or three of the strongest players, while a couple of others are more in a support role. This means, to top it all off, that for example a team of five Gold Nova Masters will probably take a heavy beating from a team with three LEMs and two silver triples, even though these two teams are equal in average. Therefore, in the next season, the teams is calculated according to the team's 4 best ranks.

-> All registered players must register with their main account and steam profiles must be public. These will be announced by the team captain during registration. This way we are better able to ensure the skill level even more case by case.

-> If possible, let's establish one more level league, with the working name "usually I play dotaa". Only teams that are really beginners in CS (Silver level + some limit on how many hours of css they have spent). So that this fourth level could be established, at least 4 teams are needed.

At least with these measures we try to make the games more even. If you have any comments or ideas for further development, please send me a message!

Other development proposals and their comments

Frequency of games

Some of the lower level teams, especially, wanted games less often than twice a week. On the other hand, the uneven weekly rhythm in SemiPro and MKT was also perceived as difficult. As background information, that unevenness was partly due to Toornament's functionality, as well as the fact that we wanted to include everyone willing and this led to quantitatively uneven divisions in the leagues. Therefore, the goal in the future is the following:

12/10/8 teams Pro and SemiPro, 2 games/week, regular season duration 6/5/4 weeks
6/5/4 MKT and YPD, 1 game/week, regular season duration 6/5/4 weeks

This way we can keep the weekly rhythm but also offer fewer games to lower level players. It's good to have a weekly rhythm, because it makes administration much easier + it's easier for commentators when the games are on the schedule as early as possible and in a certain rhythm. The duration of the regular season depends on the number of registered teams.


Someone wanted private servers instead of Popflash servers. We now have 26 teams with just under 50 games a week for several weeks. However, since private servers often require someone to be on duty as an admin (although it is not necessary to be on the server, but at the computer in case of an emergency), we think for now that Popflash is the best solution for us. also because in our format the group can freely agree on games within the given time limit, e.g. a platform like Faceit does not work, where the times of the games are precisely determined and you cannot be flexible about them.

Of course, if someone has more enthusiasm for this, to develop the operation/automation/other ideation of private servers, just send a message and we'll see :)

Gathering stats

This very good idea of collecting stats has come up both in Disco and in the feedback survey. That's why in the coming season, after a won game, the captains will mark not only the result of the match in Toornament, but also a screenshot of the final statistics (this way you can also see the maps played by the teams, which was hoped) and a link to the PopFlash lobby (for demos). This way the stats can at least be manually read per match.

Of course, it would be great if we could compile some tournament-wide statistics on how, for example, individual players have fared, who is number one in the frigate statistics, etc. However, this would require automation, which the Kanaliiga admins unfortunately do not have the skills for. So HOX, if you know someone who can/would like to develop this, let me know ASAP and we'll see what we can come up with :)


Some also wished for more streamed games. POV streams can be edited by each team and reported to the schedule + streamer, but maybe narrated games were intended here. The number of games commented is of course completely dependent on our volunteer commentators, of which we now have a couple of absolutely brilliant ones already, many thanks to them!

In order to get more games explained, we must A. develop Kanaliiga's commentary even more comfortable for commentators and B. attract more commentators. The earlier the games are arranged and visible in the schedule, the easier it is for commentators to choose the games to be commented on. Now some of the games have been scheduled later than their deadline (after Tuesday night), which has made it difficult for the commentators to combine their own schedules. We will think about measures that could affect this. We are also thinking about measures to attract more commentators to the Kanaliiga CS games. All enthusiastic hobbyists are welcome to explain, as long as they have the enthusiasm and attitude.

Other changes

There are probably other changes coming, but more of them when the season 2 schedules are announced (that is, very soon!). Stay tuned, and remember, you can and should give feedback outside of the feedback forms, so we can develop this into the world's best hobby company league!

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