Codemate as Kanaliiga's main CS partner!

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Codemate, a master of creative technology, has been involved in Kanaliiga since the beginning, both as a team and as sponsors. Now the parties have signed an agreement, with which Codemate will become Kanaliiga's official cs main partner. With this, Codemate is with the Kanaliiga in developing esports competitions between companies going forward, and will be visible in the upcoming cs seasons.

Codemate is known for its esports spirit, and they have many teams playing in different games of the Kanaliiga. Codemate's esports spirit can be seen in e.g. in addition to Kanaliiga. in close cooperation as SJ Gaming's digital partner, as well as supporting our own staff on the way to gaming.

Kanaliiga founder and father figure Erkki Mikkola considers cooperation a great thing: "It's great that Codemate went with us to raise our CS operations to a new level, and I can see that this cooperation enables a significant development of our operations. We will invest in developing the player experience, and we also aim to count the limit of participation, that we can also include beginner players."

Codemate's personnel director Lasse Määttä is excited about the partnership: "We have had a mixed congregation of people from different offices and different roles. Through that, the team has gotten to know each other better and it is of course reflected positively in the work projects. This is the kind of activity we want to support and that is why we became Kanaliiga's main CS partner.â€Ă

Kanaliiga CS season 4 is underway, you can follow its different stages from these sources:

Discord: https://discord.gg/UFetjhv

Twitter: https://twitter.com/kanaliiga

Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/kanaliigatv< /p>

Season 5 starts in the spring of 2020, so dust off your mice and keyboards and gather your teams! See you then!

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