Visidon continues as Kanaliiga's main CS:GO partner

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Oulu-based software company Visidon, which specializes in the development of image and video enhancement technologies, will continue as Kanaliiga's main CS:GO partner next season. The company has a strong sports culture, and in recent years, in addition to e-sports, it has supported, among other things, the hockey team Oulun Kärppi. 

…In our company, there is a certain kind of …something for everyone…mentality, that is, we aim to strengthen team spirit by offering everyone something meaningful to do besides work, and for this we have received a lot of praise from the staff. It is also important to recharge in the middle of the working day, because programming requires strong concentration and can therefore be very taxing.

In addition to ice hockey and CS, we also play futsal, billiards and darts together. In addition, we have a lot of photography enthusiasts, so last year we launched a monthly photography challenge, where everyone, according to their own abilities, photographs jointly agreed themes. There are also a lot of cyclists, so the company offers a bicycle benefit to everyone who wants it,†says the company's HR manager Sami Töyrylä about the company's investments in employee well-being.

“It's great to have Visido continue as the main partner for the coming season. Visidon's support makes it possible for us to once again offer the best season in history to the players. The partnership also enables many new concepts for the season, some of which have already been published and some will be published as the season progresses. The entire Kanaliiga CS management is looking forward to the start of the season.'' says Kanaliiga's Jussi-Tapio Lamminheimo.

Visidon Oy was founded in 2006 and its software products are used e.g. for automatic image quality improvement, computational imaging and face recognition. The company is one of the most profitable companies in Finland (*Kauppalehti's success stories) and currently around 40 people work there in programming.

As one of the main technology suppliers in the mobile industry, Visidon's algorithms are optimized for use in environments where low power and memory consumption are critical. Algorithms are already in use every day in more than 1.3 billion mobile phones around the world, and they are also used in other embedded systems where optimization is important, such as car, drone and action cameras.

Read more: www.visidon.fi

Contact requests:

Visidon Oy
Sami Töyrylä
HR Manager
+ 358 400 890 0407


Kanaliiga RY
Jussi-Tapio Lamminheimo
Head of Strategy
+358 40 412 5206


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